F-secure Safe Desktop shortcut and Icon gone missing

Hello, the F-Secure Safe desktop shortcut and Icon have gone missing from my Windows 10 PC.  I checked services and Safe is running, and  the program files folder is there.  I am unable to find the executable file to re-create the shortcut and so am unable to run a Scan.


thanks for any help

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  • JaimsJaims Posts: 392 Moderator
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    Hi @sgpk 


    Windows Defender will not interfere with your F-Secure Safe.


    Since you have tried to recreate the shortcut and the program is not seen on your Start Menu, may we recommend that you used reinstall the program? Before you do, kindly ensure you run pending important Windows Update.


    We recommend to update Windows before installing F-Secure Safe.

    1. Click start, navigate to the control panel, System and Security, Windows Update.

    2. Install all important updates

    3. Restart your computer when prompted


    After that, kindly use the Uninstallation Tool to remove the remnant then reinstall Safe. Please click on the links to see the steps.



  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,605 Superuser

    It's not magic so it shouldn't just disappear!  Have you tried rebooting the machine?

  • sgpksgpk Posts: 4

    Yes, tried that, what file should I look for to re create the desktop icon?


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,605 Superuser

    I could be wrong, but I have a feeling it might be 'fsua.exe'.  I'm not on my computer at the moment, so I can't check.

  • VilleVille Posts: 494 F-Secure Employee

    Hi @sgpk 


    The desktop icon is not recreated automatically, since some users want to remove it and don't want it to come back. You can still open the main user interface from start menu entry or tray icon.


    To recreate the shortcut, it should point to "C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\SAFE\fs_ui_32.exe" (assuming you have the latest version 17.6)



    (F-Secure R&D)


  • sgpksgpk Posts: 4

    Thanks, I tried that but it the shortcut wont run. Safe has disappeared form the Start menu, Tray and Desktop, so i'm unable to run a scan.  When i login to manage My F-Secure is says its installed.


    Would Windows Defender be interfeering with it?.

    thanks again


  • sgpksgpk Posts: 4

    Hi Jaims,

    thank you,  your instructions have worked.

    thanks again


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