F-Secure listed twice in Windows 10 Defender Security Center - one on, one off - Red x on Shield at


F-Secure is there twice.  When I click on the one that is "off", I can't do anything with it.  The shield always has the red x telling me I'm not secure.  When I choose to "go to F-Secure", it tells me I am protected, even if I choose that option under the version with the red x.  Windows 10 Security Center.jpgSecurity CenterVirus Protection in Win.Defender Sec. Center.jpgSec. Cen. w/ 2 versions of F-SecureF-Secure-launched from Red X version .jpgLaunched from "Open... " under red X I never really know that I am, or not.  Any way to get the "off" F-Secure to go away?  


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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    I am not sure why F-Secure is there twice; maybe possible to fix it by proper reinstallation (uninstallation by common steps; further clean up by Uninstallation tool; and then to install F-Secure solution back). Maybe it is something like remained items (after upgrade or so) and Windows Security Center with troubles to handle it.


    Or just because your experience is about branded F-Secure solution - maybe such trouble is pinned to something as known trouble (fixed later; but is not available  for branded solution yet) or even to unknown bug.


    My own feelings are that if F-Secure main user interface with good state - then all should be OK. Possible to check main security functionality with AMTSO security features checks (as example).


    BUT your experience is also about Malwarebytes solution. Thus, likely (as Microsoft suggested/recommended) good to use only one solution for sure.

    There can be incompatibility troubles between solutions; troubles with F-Secure own functionality and troubles with Malwarebytes own functionality.

    Probably, F-Secure still mark Malwarebytes solution as incompatible software during installation. One of recent discussions is next:

    If reinstallation is not solution; another option is to contact their official Support Channel (chat as example):


    Possible to create fsdiag before it:

    My own opinion is that F-Secure Support should try reinstallation, anyway (at least, if such trouble is not known and there is available workaround or fix).



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