Freedome problem with Windows restart

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Is this again me only or does soembody use and experience Freedome the same:

I have Freedome on WIndows 10  guest on VMWare Windows 10 host .


Major updates on Windows host reset the active hours to something other than mine. When I forget to reset them and leave the host and quest on Windows restarts the host. The quest crashes, but can be restarted. Fortunately the quest Windows can be restarted, butthe problem is with F-Secure.

It can be that Freedome will not start anymore or if it starts it has set the WIndows Firewall to block all traffic.


Fortunately uninstall and reinstall removes the problem.


Anybody else?



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    Part of the problem seems to be Windows on the host.

    I refreshed the Windows a week ago, because it did not boot and none of the other recovery options worked. Since then it has not installed any updates, but keeps continously trying. That results in corrupt update database and only partially downloaded updates. Running Troubleshoort on Windows update several times fixes all the problems found.

    However, for one reason or other that also resets the Windows defender firewall. In on case it blocks all the accessibility to the host. As said in the first post forced reboots have caused other problems on the VMWare quest as well.

    I am closing this in the strong belief that a properly behaving Windows host would stop the problem.


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    Hello @martink,


    We haven't recieved similar case so far, there is a possiblity that some of our Freedome components might have crashed during major windows update, but we can be sure only after having investigated the diagnostic logs from affected machine.  Since you have already performed the reinstallation steps to fix the issue.  If you have encountered the same issue in future, please feel free to reach our F-secure support.

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    Hi martink,


    Could you please confirm if the Freedome installation is on the VMware guest or on the host machine itself?

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    This problem occurs on the VMWare guest where I have Freedome installed.

    When Windows forces restart if know how to do it the same way as I would do it manually.

    When it does that it shuts down VMWare but it does not close  properly the programs that are open in the guest and VMWare appears not to do that either. Just like a crash.


    Go through the start button and after that click on its property and tap to the advance setting. On the advance option of the setting go through the setup and recovery... if still have confusion then contact Optus support number

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