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I have the F-Secure for tablets installed in my ipad. I do not know how can i scan my ipad with the F-secure? is that possible or that feature does not come with the tablet version of F-Secure?


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    Thanks for your help. It seems that my question was not clear. What I asked is how I can perform a scan on my ipad with F-Secure. But from the links you sent me it appears that there is not a scan option on the F-Secure for ipads. I have F-Secure installed on my windows 10 laptop and any time I can perform a full scan on my laptop. But that feature (carry out a full scan) does not exist on F-secure for ipads. It does protect you while browsing the internet but it does not give you the option to perform a scan on ipad.

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    Hi biblio,


    F-Secure SAFE on iOS doesn't come with scan feature. For the complete list of features for SAFE on iOS, please refer to our iTunes product page - Description : https://itunes.apple.com/fi/app/f-secure-safe/id572847748?mt=8



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