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I have the F-Secure for tablets installed in my ipad. I do not know how can i scan my ipad with the F-secure? is that possible or that feature does not come with the tablet version of F-Secure?

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    I'm also only an F-Secure user (their home solutions). So, it is only my own unofficial feelings.


    I think that inability to perform scanning by F-Secure on iOS device is based on platform's limitations or considered as unreasoned feature.

    Does your experience is about F-Secure SAFE?


    Some examples of discussion about subject:

    If iOS-platform with abilities to provide scanning by third-party application -> I think that scanning iOS device is not reasoned (for example, malicious applications are not there or unlikely to meet it with common steps). But things like rogue or suspicious (tricky) applications from official store - things which good to report to store-owner (in addition - most likely - official AppStore is recommended place to receive applications; but I am not friendly with iOS and I am not sure about its design). Also, good to read some safety tips about built-in security features of iPad and by using F-Secure solution for iOS - there are certain layer against harmful rated websites and some other features like kind of parental control (as example).


    Did you mean "scan your ipad with the F-Secure" as ability to scan device against malicious applications or items? Or your ask is about something else?





  • Hi

    Thanks for your help. It seems that my question was not clear. What I asked is how I can perform a scan on my ipad with F-Secure. But from the links you sent me it appears that there is not a scan option on the F-Secure for ipads. I have F-Secure installed on my windows 10 laptop and any time I can perform a full scan on my laptop. But that feature (carry out a full scan) does not exist on F-secure for ipads. It does protect you while browsing the internet but it does not give you the option to perform a scan on ipad.

  • Hi biblio,


    F-Secure SAFE on iOS doesn't come with scan feature. For the complete list of features for SAFE on iOS, please refer to our iTunes product page - Description : https://itunes.apple.com/fi/app/f-secure-safe/id572847748?mt=8



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