urgent ... i have a method that cracks your clients’s accounts .,

i have something urgent !! i have a special tool that crack your users's accounts and can easily have full access to their accounts !
This tool works perfect !
It cracks all accounts for all your products !
No worries, i did not reveal or publish this to anybody, and as an honest one i reported you .
off course i am a developer and not a hacker, I cooperated wit big companies like : Kaspersky,,Avira,ExpressVPN,IBvpn,Avast,......etc and they all rewarded me as a developer and an honest one.
off course i can send you all details , tool and staff i used,but first we need to agree about the reward toy will give me.
I know that this fatal issue can affect your reputation as a company for security and will put you in a critical position in front of your clients , that is why i reported you .

contact :

[email protected]

waiting for your quick reply and hope we cooperate together.



EDIT: Removed PII


  • Ukko
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    It is possible directly contact them (with secure channels):


  • Hello,


    i allready reported my report yesterday with the details, but i got no confirmation till now !

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,417 Superuser




    i allready reported my report yesterday with the details, but i got no confirmation till now !



    I think that it will be with workdays. Noted page is about """within five working days""".

    So, if your report was yesterday - maybe most brief response is 'tomorrow' (or ?! within noted five working days).


    If not - maybe F-Secure Community Manages with abilities to transfer your current reply to related people and they do back to you with response. But it also will be, for example, tomorrow.


    // I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions). It is only unofficial feelings.

    At least, I think that any 'confirmations' can be with workdays. Or if not - it anyway should be with some internal processes and take some time.




  • Hello,


    Till now, i got no confirmation that you got my report !!

    What is wrong ?!!



  • i sent many emails containing videos’s links for cracking process , got it ?

  • Ukko
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    i sent many emails containing videos’s links for cracking process , got it ?



    Just as clarification - if you ask me (or answer is expected from me) -> I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions). So, I'm not a F-Secure Staff and I do not able to provide feedback on such subject.


    But as my own unofficial feelings (as user's feelings) - I think that good to keep waiting until noted 'five working days'. I think that each fresh mail may trigger delay with response (potentially).


    Also, delay can be based on their (F-Secure) investigation and analysis provided information. OR some other temporary delays. For proper response (from first). I think that until 'five working days' limits -- possible to think that answer will be there (even if it will be generic response).


    If not (and it is too critical) - you maybe do able to ask F-Secure Community Managers for kind of 'help' (as example). But I think that when Community Managers will be with abilities to do something - they do provide some response or do transfer concern to related people (based on your recent replies). Maybe 'boost' situation by such channel is not needed.

    Or you may ask Support Channels (as example, chat when available):



    But  maybe such own activities are reasoned only if you do suspect that your letter is not delivered (not likely?!) or if you did use wrong mail-address (!? maybe not likely).

    And maybe should be enough to keep waiting else three days (?! it will be fifth workday?!) and then re-ask about if there still will be delay with response.


    Sorry for my reply.



  • Laksh
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    Hi starmaker295,


    I checked with our team and they mentioned that the case is ongoing. Kindly followup with them via email if you have any further questions.


  • hello,

    i always follow them up , but they always have a slow response !


    i updated them with videos + data yesterday but they did not confirm !!



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