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I recently purchased freedome. My computer and ipad work just fine, but with my phone I always have to turn freedome on manually after every time I let my device go idle for a while. In android settings I tried to locate the "automatically on VPNs" but the menu has no items to choose from. So, it is a pain to always open the freedome app and wait the connection to be established. Any suggestions?

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  • Näsäviisas
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    Thanks Ukko for good advice!
    In some Android-smartphones there is automatically VPN always on,
    but in some newer models happens so, as Ukko wrote in his mail.

    In phone settings you could search for battery or battery savings.
    If you have a manual, if you got it, when you bought a phone > perhaps more information about battery and other settings.
    Or you could find instructions of this Android-phone in internet. Go to manufacturers website.

  • tBa
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    Got it. It was a quite well-hidden battery save feature that disabled freedome whenever the screen was switched off. 


    Thanks for the help, guys

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