Some messaging apps may have problems with F-Secure Freedome turned on


You are using a messaging app but have problems receiving messages when F-Secure Freedome is turned on.


Normally, Freedome closes the VPN connection after there hasn't been any network activity for some time. This is done to save battery. When any app or operating system is trying to access the network, Freedome will automatically open the VPN connection.

However, should a messaging app on the device receive a message in this situation, it may malfunction as the VPN connection is not open. The connection attempt is coming from the network to the device, and not from the device to the network.


The first remedy for these kinds of problems is to upgrade the iPhone or iPad operating system to at least iOS 9.3 version. Apple fixed an issue in this iOS version which caused these kinds of problems in various apps.

If the problem exists still after upgrading to iOS 9.3 (or newer), use the Keep VPN on when device is idle setting to configure Freedome to keep the VPN connection always open. Note that this may naturally have some effect on the battery consumption. By default, the setting is off.

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