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Firefox - Banking protection does not work


Firefox - Banking protection does not work


Banking protection has worked fine with Firefox, but today 1.12.2018 it does not appear in Firefox.

With IE is is fine.

Has there been updates somewhere?


Re: Firefox - Banking protection does not work



Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

Just as sidenote with another discussions about:

If your experience is still about troublestate - good to doublecheck some things:

-- does F-Secure Browsing Protection addon/plugin is still enabled under Firefox?

-- does something as proxy is used under Firefox?

-- does it possible to check with another banking website (for sure); for example,


Just because all working fine with Internet Explorer -> F-Secure side internal trouble is unlikely(?) point; but more likely to check that F-Secure Browsing Protection addon is enabled under Firefox, visited page is under HTTPS and that connection is not 'proxied' by anything. Otherwise - if it is possible - do you able to provide banking website example and Firefox version (and maybe Windows version) for ability to check it with my own experience (I am also only an F-Secure user and with my F-Secure SAFE beta / Windows 7 and Firefox 64bit 63.0.* was all OK today).


There are also some limitations for Banking Protection feature. But (if so) - your experience should be about temporary troublestate OR based on changes by your steps.




Re: Firefox - Banking protection does not work

When you say updates di your Firefox update?

As Ukko suggests check that the add in is still enabled id Firefox.


Re: Firefox - Banking protection does not work



Thank you for responses.

Unfortunately I cannot tell exact time of update, but the version currently is

Firefox Qauntum 63.0.3 (64bit)