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I know you've said you've already tried, but I think you would need to contact support with that question.  I don't think they make any guarantees of protection for unsupported operating systems.  


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Sorry for my reply into the party.


I just able to add that recent Online Help/Documentation with proper requirements:

https://help.f-secure.com/product.html#home/safe/2017/en (as default state).


But, yes, with abilities to switch for another (previous) builds/years.

And maybe current F-Secure installation under Windows Vista with support-status (or with meanings from Knowledgebase article about Vista EOF). How it was suggested --> good to keep it (if still works).

But I able to think that "F-Secure Host Process"-crash with potential different impact (based on what crashed in fact). Probably F-Secure with design about 're-create' (re-up) after crash for F-Secure Host Process. And maybe this is a reason for 'Computer is Protected'-state.


But as another conclusions -> not possible to provide protection under not supported platform. Or such 'protection' can be not enough.

Maybe can be an option to re-check that all works (after crash) with websites like amtso.org (as example) -> where possible to re-sure that harmful-rated websites are blocked; and malicious-files are detected.



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Hi SvenR,


As mentioned by others in the post, Vista is not supported for F-Secure Internet Security. This is our current list of supported OS for F-Secure Internet Security.

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Today I managed to reach the support chat, where I was informed that I cannot trust the "protected" status in F-Secure, because Microsoft has stopped sending security updates for Vista and this OS is no longer supported by F-Secure. He wrote that F-Secure might still give me some protection, but that is not guaranteed.


My advice to F-Secure is that your software should say something different than protected (green) if there is a problem. Probably other users have just like me used F-Secure for a long time and not noticed that their OS is no longer supported.

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I strongly recommend seeing if you can buy a cheap Windows 7 license from somewhere cheap and try upgrading to that by taking backup first. Microsoft still supports Windows 7 until around 2020 (at least) and the primary difference between Vista and Windows 7 is latter is less buggy. Most hardware that is Vista-compatible is compatible with Windows 7