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In the purchase of Internet Security, I got 3 total licenses for 24 months I believe, to use with the same key-code. The first was licensed and used after the first day of purchase. After 2-3 weeks I decided to install Internet Security on two other units in my home. I then realized that both licenses that I had left, was already taken, up and running on 2 unknown units. 




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  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Fred,


    Did you try to do the 'Reuse License' step as mentioned in the article shared by Ukko, to reuse the license on your 2 devices? Were you successful in installing FSIS?


    Did you purchase the FSIS license from us directly?

  • Hi, called the support and they fixed it on their end. I think the licenses had  been activating themselves or something similar. I got the 2 licenses I have left freed so I am able to use them now! Thanks for your help ! 




  • Hi Laksh,


    No I did not, but it might have been a solution. I called the contact support and they fixed it on their end. The support on phone also told me about this possibility to reuse the licenses if the problem reoccurred. No, I had not installed FSIS on any other device than the 1st. I bought the FSIS online directly from the F-Secure website.


    Thank you for the response, it seems to be working now! 




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