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I have installed F-Secure on a 30 day trial, liked it, bought a activation key but I’m dammed if I can find a way to put the activation key in.  Can anyone help?



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    Most designed step is to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone):

    Where you able to provide your sensitive subscription information to them and they able to provide proper certified advices about certain steps (based on licence/activation key type and your current installation);


    But as my own unofficial suggestions:

    Can be useful to know:


    --> Your F-Secure Trial installation about F-Secure SAFE/Total or F-Secure Internet Security/AV (or something else)?

    It can be visible under Main UI (maybe) as header-banner; Or maybe next article with "explanation how to get certain 'build'" also helpful for "solution"-type:


    --> You bought activation key for F-Secure SAFE/Total or F-Secure Internet Security/AV?


    --> Does source of purchase was official F-Secure website/store or something else? With any of meanings: does they provide any instructions about ?!; maybe you able to re-check your mail-letters about this point;


    --> Just as potential point - If there, for example, one device subscription -> what platform (Windows or Android, as example)?

    Based on answers there can be different steps, but common design should be with next view:


    ---- For activation F-Secure SAFE (for trial also) required to create My F-Secure Account;

    If you created it (for trial):

    - login to My F-Secure Account portal - ;

    - switch to "Order and payments"-tab under portal; and check if there visible any possibilities to add your activation key (or so);

    If not (but 'activation key' for F-Secure SAFE):

    - create "My F-Secure Account" firstly;


    ---- For activation F-Secure Internet Security (Windows):

    F-Secure tray-picture rightclick -> appeared menu -> to choose "Common Settings" -> find related tab for "Subscription" (where will be option to add your activation key);

    If your trial installation about F-Secure SAFE (but activation key for F-Secure Internet Security) -> required to install F-Secure IS firstly (maybe required certain installer);


    Kind of Online Documentation: for F-Secure SAFE and for F-Secure Internet Security;



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    @oldman wrote:

    I gave up and uninstalled it then reinstalled it from site were I bought the key.



    Good that it works for you (?! if works);

    But direct F-Secure Support Channels also should be useful for such situations (not as my suggestions);


    @oldman wrote:

    not too happy that it relies on Windows firewall though.

    I'm also only F-Secure user. So this is just interesting for me (only); 

    Not too happy that it relies on Windows firewall - because hard to configure it? Or something else?


    under feature request board:

    most popular requests about "Own Firewall" - do you also about such meanings? Or there can be expected integration with some of other known established third-party firewalls (based on your opinion)? As not using build-in Windows firewall.



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     Consensus for some time was that Windows firewall was about as much use as a chocolate tea pot, has it changed for the better just recently?

    I am using Zone Alarm instead now and it all seems to get on together fine plus I can see what software is running in the background now.

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    @oldman wrote:

     Consensus for some time was that Windows firewall was about as much use as a chocolate tea pot, has it changed for the better just recently?



    Sorry for long reply (good if there will be response from more experienced users with less and more proper words).



    Not sure about "just recently";

    Basically - I also able to think about "rely on Windows Firewall" as about "dangerous point" (but I feel this about "rely on any other firewalls" too); Also I able to think that if "own firewall" (or third-party firewall) able to do common firewall-things better, than system-default firewall -> it should be added to the security software. If this is just "replace" with same level - maybe not reasonable to do this;


    Probably latest Windows 10 (start from Windows 8 or Windows 7) with many changes about security points and features for platform. And this is can be valid for Windows Firewall too;


    And if we talk about "certain" Firewall features/abilities. Generally - this should be better with Windows Firewall than with third party firewalls. Based on points that "Windows Firewall" -> build-in technology; And they have a lot of abilities to configure rules/profiles/policies  for most of users. And handling incoming connections probably work good; 

    What about "outcoming" connections -> F-Secure SAFE/IS with certain tweak about such feature. So -> F-Secure partly improve Windows Firewall with some meanings;


    And with other meanings -> Windows Firewall (?! at least, recent Windows builds) has abilities to perform many advanced steps; Directly or by additional tools (compare to full third-party firewall -> there can be just small addon or tool); And maybe it possible to cover all 'features' from third-party firewalls;

    But difference: third-party firewalls usually provide UI/visual graphs/prompts/notifications and so. Where configure/create rule (or allow/deny connection) or monitor situation more visible for user;


    I able to think that Windows Firewall handle many things automatically (compare to third-party firewalls -> where you have to handle it manually; or choose any "learn mode");


    I had a good opinion about three third-party firewalls, but all of them kind of 'discountinued' (totally or for Home User/using by common steps);

    And as with your situation -> F-Secure mainly able to work with third-party firewalls:

    But if you mean something about vulnerabilities under Windows Firewall.

    If this is known troubles (and not marked as limitations) -> probably it possible to report about them for Microsoft. Since -> they have many programs about such 'report'-steps.

    But kind of "vulnerabilities" potentially can be with third-party firewalls too;

    In short: probably there is no changes "just recently"; Maybe after introducing Windows 8;

    And with a lot of improvements under Windows 10 design/platform (where Windows Firewall can be with good changes too?!); I did not re-check any articles or publications about status of Windows Firewall - but I able to suspect that it should be created by some respected companies (as valid research); Maybe you noted this 'result' of research (but it will be strange - if F-Secure and some of other security software companies anyway switched to such design for Home users);

    Under spoiler was my own feelings (and based on them - I did not search any publications about 'Windows Firewall - good enough or not'-meanings);



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