Malware into my Smartphone android

Noble Friends,


The F-Secure Safe detect the unwanted file, but it reapears every time after F-Secure Safe delete it.

Information of detection at F-Secure Safe:


Size 3622,7 KB

Please, help me!

E-mail: [email protected]


Your sevant,



  • Ukko
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    Based on provided application-name as "" - it can be something as preinstalled game (or game service)? If you download it and you not sure that there is good application - maybe you able to remove it (uninstall) manually; OR maybe you able to disable/stop such application (if possible) under common Android settings;

    Since with "Google search" such .apk-filename give more "suspicious" view about file - maybe there required more steps. But good to know - does it known for you (?!) such .apk about what Application under yor device?

    Also quite good step -> to remove your mail-address from reply (since it public-available community, but your mail-address is kind of your "data", which you should to provide only with specific situations);



  • Cyborg008
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    I do not install it. Some [hided] malware is generating download command. It opens windows like the window for instalation of apps opened at Play Store.  (I do not know how - maybe by online connection).

    Some times the files chenge the name like:

    /storage/emulated/0/adslib/[email protected]

    Plobemas detectados

    5586,4 KB


    [email protected]


    After I delete it another file of instalation is crieated (I don't know how.)


    "It's like a Tom and Jerry movie."



  • Ukko
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    Since I not really friendly with Android-platform - some of my suggestions will be too much generally, than about certain steps; Sorry for that!


    I able to think about next points:


    --> While F-Secure detect such files and block/prevent/delete this ... most likely ... there can be situation around "safe" (except meanings - that there is something wrong with system... because malware re-triggering);

    But also if you talk about something as 'real-time' detection - maybe you also able to try launch Scan by F-Secure?


    --> Maybe you able to re-check some settings/options under your Android device:

    - to disable ability installing application from other sources than Play Market;

    - if there some unexpected 'applications' listed under Device Administrators (or how it properly called);

    - re-check list of installed applications (which not detected, but maybe not known for you OR unexpected under list; and remove it);


    Since there can be "potentially unwanted applications" (or riskware) - maybe it triggered by something as "build-in" software-updater/recommends application (?!); Or as another possibilities - if there can be Android version with known vulnerabilities, which can be exploited there; You also able just back with reply - most likely  - there will be more helpful/useful advices from Android-experienced users; Also - if you will be with stuck -> maybe there possible try to install some other known and trusted Scanners for doublecheck system (if they able to handle something more, than F-Secure); Or just trying directly contact F-Secure Support channels (I not sure if they able to provide something with such situation);


    Sorry for my reply.



  • Cyborg008
    Cyborg008 Posts: 3 New Member

    I reset my smartphone to the new condition.

    I installed the apps again.

    Now it is okay.

    The F-Secure did not work to solve the problem, but thanks anyway.

    Best regard.



  • Ukko
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    Good that your device is OK on current time!


    Just as my feedback:

    But because F-Secure anyway detected it (even not properly remove?! by somewhat reason) and maybe it based on some of "unwanted" applications (which partly can be valid or build-in/pre-installed in some situations) -> just be careful about your fresh "time" using. At least, for be sure that there most of default security features "in use".



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