Bij het opstarten van mijn Mac vanmorgen, werd de volgende melding getoond:

Wilt u dat het programma OrspService binnenkomende netwerkverbindingen accepteert?

Is dit een melding van F-Secure SAFE dat ik heb draaien?


When starting my Mac this morning, the following message was shown:

'Would you like the program OrspService to accept incoming netwerk connections?'


Is this a message from F-Secure which is installed on my Mac?



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    Sorry for my reply (I'm also just F-Secure user and I not really friendly with Mac-platform) - maybe there will be proper response from F-Secure Mac team.


    But I think that an answer about your ask is:


    --> I think that this "notification" from build-in Mac firewall;


    --> But "OrspService" indeed related with F-Secure installation.



    ORSPService work as provider between F-Secure local installation and F-Secure Security Cloud (as example). And can be helpful for getting "rating/reputation" about files/URLs and other.

    Basically - ORSP service should start with system launch and provide proper protection.


    So - I think that you able to allow it (maybe there was update/upgrade for F-Secure SAFE Mac and this service will be upgraded - so Mac firewall trigger notification as about fresh service) safely.  




    There was topic about ORSP ( https://community.f-secure.com/t5/Business/What-is-ORSP/m-p/73135 ) , but under the business-solutions part of community; But main meanings anyway valid for home solutions too.


  • radijsradijs Posts: 4

    Hello Ukko,


    Thanks for your answer, I appreciate that!

    I now know that I can 'allow' this.


    Best regards, 



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