FS Protection for Mac build 15966 released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the FS Protection for Mac. This update is now available for download from My FS Protection, and delivery to existing installations will start today.


Changes include: 

-  Performance improvements.


If you experience any issues, please run the "Support Tool" in the Applications -> "fs protection" folder and submit a bug report with the file created to allow us to investigate the issue. For issues related to Browsing protection and Parental control, remember to include any URLs that reproduce the problem in your bug report. You may also submit false positives and uncategorized web pages directly to F-Secure Labs using https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/labs_global/submit-a-sample#sample-url


As always, we welcome any feedback via the community pages, and reports of any issues found via https://beta.f-secure.com


Best Regards,

FS Protection Mac team


  • Hi,


    I was just testing this version with the basic testing at AMTSO website.

    It detected all the compressed malware formats except the "ACE" format.


    Can you look into it?


    Also what all scanning engines are used in this version and how is the protection when OFFLINE (i mean are the definitions stored locally on the Mac?)



  • chiras
    chiras Posts: 10 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Pankaj1,


    Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    ACE is not an widely used compression format these days, also as soon as the files are uncompressed, Real Time scanning will detect if there are any harmful files, so users are still protected.  I will forward the request to the team, and decide accordingly whether to include it or not.



    Mac client uses Hydra scanning engine & Security clould capabilities to protect the against harmful files.

    During offline only Hydra scanning engine capabilities are used,  Hydra database defnitions are stored locally, the detections in Hydra database define the way Hydra scanning engine detects the bad samples/viruses.



    Mac Team


  • Thanks for the reply.


    Can you point me to any whitepaper/technical details of the various scanning and zero-day detection engines used by the F-Secure (Windows as well as the Mac version). I would love to see some technical details of the Hydra Engine as well as the other engines which are employed by the strongly capable F-Secure. As you have already pointed out, the Mac version only has the Hydra but I would appreciate the details on the windows version as well (since I am planning on buying both for my Mac and PC.)




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  • Hi,


    When are you planning on adding the "Right Click Scan" option in the context menus? It is very inconvenient to do a custom scan every time.

  • RFlick
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    Who do I contact about my fs protection login that isn't working

  • chiras
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    Hello, could you please create a bug report in https://beta.f-secure.com/ with diagnostic report, so that we will investigate it. Appreciate for your feedback.

  • RFlick
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    I have created 4 in the past two months and no one has responded

  • RFlick
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  • Juha_Valimaki
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    Sorry for late reply! We are processing your problem with the login now.

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