how to remove trojan from computer

F-secure found threats on the scan that they couldnt do anything with.It is Generic616817.Downloaded Malwarebytes, it quarantines the ones they foune which is sysWoW64. I found this one in C:\programs files, but it wont let me delete it. I tried to download the f secure scanner but it wont let me download anything. Any help on how to remove these trojans, which is what the malabytes said they are. 


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,658 Superuser

    Can you not delete the ones which are in quarantine in Malwarebytes?

  • barb5barb5 Posts: 3

    Yes, and they come right back. I need to delete the whole file , but it says i have to have permission from TrustedInstaller, and i tried,but it wont let me


  • iggeigge Posts: 5

    Start your system in Secure-Mode or even better with an external boot CD or stick with e.g. Ubuntu or anything, then you should be able to delete the file(s).

  • iggeigge Posts: 5

    On macOS use CMD+R to enter the recovery mode and use the inbuild terminal.

  • barb5barb5 Posts: 3

    ok, will try that. Thanks

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