Mac app counts multiple users as multiple devices?

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I have a 5-device license, but it seems that the mac app counts multiple users as separate devices.  I have used Freedome on five devices but have run out of licenses.


If this is so, how can I fix this problem?




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    Hello Tasaista, 


    Please refer to this article.



    • The license cannot be shared between different user accounts; each user account requires its own subscription.
    • The settings are not shared between user accounts; when a user account has Freedome open, all other user accounts will not be able to access Freedome until the first user closes Freedome or logs out.
    • When a VPN connection is already active on a user account, this connection is taken into use by all other user accounts on the device.
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    I don't understand this FAQ - does this now say (third bullet) that an active VPN of one account is automatically also used by other accounts when switching over to them? Why (first bullet) would I need a separate license then?


    I have bought a 5 devices license and therefore want to be able to use is on my MacBook with all accounts running on them. It's still the same single device regardless of who's logged on to it. On my iPhone I have a 'user license' that is linked to my Apple ID. 


    If really each user account on a Mac requires to use one of the license key, isn't F-Secure mixing up a device with a user license?

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    Thank you for the answer. In my case I noted that I accidentially had used the code on too many devices.


    How can I remove a license from a device? What about if the device no longer exists?


    Best Regards,



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