Cannot install F-Secure Browsing Addon in Chrome 53!

I dont`t get corrupted massages, like i have seen posts here before.

The Browsing Safty program said that it was not installed correctly, and i was not able to install it on the browser, even manually. When installing manually by dragging it to the chrome browser, it said that this website cannot install the plugin. No matter what i do, i cannot install the plugin! Works on any other browser......


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    Ok, reinstalled f-secure and chrome, now the extension is listed, but the browsing protection programm says that the extension is not installed or activated, although it seemd to work on the eicar testside!. Don`t know what to do anymore, but the same problem seems to accur on two pcs in my house!


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    You noted that there is missing words about "corrupted", but anyway... just because probably there connections with re-design under Chrome... maybe article will be helpful -

    There have steps about "how to re-enable" it probably.


    --> About "work or not"... Browsing protection extension should not be related with certain protection features (as eicar-test file).


    For re-check if extension work.. you able to get steps:

    -> Opened Google (or Bing, or Yahoo) HTTPS search pages and create query.

    Search results should be with rating pictures (if this feature not disabled by Browsing Protection settings under UI). If rating pictures are visible - extension is work.


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