My Freedome subscription is for 5 devices, bur can now use for 4 devices only after recently replaci

My Freedome subscription for 5 devices is dated 7 February (and is for: 1 pc + 2 iPads + 2 iPhones). There was no problem with this subcription initially. I then replaced one of theolder  iPads (=iPad A) with a new one (=iPad B) on 22 July in the following manner: 1) I made a full backup of iPad A in a pc  2)  I set the (new) iPad B up and transferred the contents of iPad A from the backup  in the pc 3) I then restored factory settings to the original iPad A and gave it away (to my grandchild, if anyone  needs to know).


Initially I had no problems using Freedome with iPad B; it functioned in these five devices (of which one was new) as before. Then, on 5 August I got an error message on iPad B asking for product code for Freedome. I tried the code given for my subscription, but it was rejected, with the claim that I  had exceeded the number of devices for my subsciption (which I had not).


I tried to sort this matter out with Cleverbridge through whom the subcription was processed. According to  Cleverbridge this is a technical problem which only F-Secure can solve. I therefore sent a message explaining the situation to F-Secure Support on 6 Aug and, in order to stay protected, paid extra for a separate one month Freedome subcription for iPad B  from AppStore (despite having a valid subription for 5 devices until February 2017). I sent another support request on 16 Aug, but no response from F-Secure so far.


The Apple iTunes Store reminded me  just yesterday (19 Aug) that my one-month (extra) Freedome subscription will expire on 5 Sep and I hope I will find a working solution to this problem well before that via this Forum  or F-Secure support.


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    Further to my message yesterday,what I am looking for is the full restoration of my subscription for all  of my 5 devices (instead of just 4). I asked Cleverbridge for a new code, but was referred back to F-Secure since this is, according to them, a technical issue.

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    Hi Bulbhead,


    As seen from your issue posted above, we do have the license transfer option with Freedome as mentioned in this link. You can do a license transfer for Freedome in your PC so that your new iPad can use the Freedome license.


    From your description, I am assuming that Freedome was initially installed with a trial version for 14 days. After the trial period, it asked for the license. The license transfer option is not availabe yet in the iOS devices, at the moment.


    Since you are using the app store license for the new iPad at the moment, you may use the license transfer in your computer after the app store license period ends (to enable the license transfer and validating the license in your new iPad). If your app store subscription is still valid, the Freedome application will be using the app store subscription till that expiry date.


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    Thank you for the reply.  I purchased my Freedome licence directly from F-Secure for 5 devices on 5 Feb 2016 without any trial period as I already had separate individual licences for each device, some from F-Secure, some from AppStore. As these individual licences expired, I transferred these devices  one by one under the multiple licence for 5 devices. No problems here, all 5 devices were under the same licence once their individual licences expired.


    Also, no problem with the new iPad either, initially. Freedome functioned in the new iPad as it did in the old iPad (after all, its full contents were identical). However, after a few days I got an error message asking for (original) code which I gave, followed by another error message stating that I had exceeded the number of devices allowed in my licence (which I had in fact not done). No transfer function was suggested as an alternative. Note that I never uninstalled Freedome in the old iPad.


    The current AppStore licence (for 1 device) will expire on 5 Sep and I will try to do the transfer as suggested by you and hope it succeeds. I would not like to continue paying for single licences since I already have bought a multiple one for all my 5 devices. Does the transfer option you suggest mean that I need to revalidate Freedome licences in all 5 devices using the original code given for my multiple subscription?  In which device will the transfer option present itself (iPad A/B?, pc?)?


    I would like see a very simple step-by-step guide for this transfer to avoid endless correspondence on this one subject.

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    Hi Bulbhead,


    If Freedome is not uninstalled in your old iPad, it would still be using the license code (since it is still installed with the same code). So, you have to stop using the license in your old iPad in order to transfer the license to your new iPad.


    Your license for Freedome does not transfer to the new iPad unless you validate it. The license does not get transferred to your new iPad if you just copy the contents to your new iPad. You have to install Freedome and validate the code. I guess, since it is a new iPad, Freedome would have automatically installed with the trial period. And after that trial period, it showed the option to validate the code (as how Freedome works).


    The license transfer option is not yet available in iOS devices. It is only applicable in Windows, Mac and Android versions as quoted in the article in my above reply. You can find the detailed notes about how the transfer option works in the same link:

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    As I wrote in my initial post, factory settings were restored to the old iPad when I took the new iPad into use. I believe that all its contents, including the Freedome, were erased in that process. Consequently, the old iPad should not be able to use the Freedome licence or any other previously installed  programs.


    It seems I am now paying double (via AppStore as well as via the multiple licence) for the use of Freedome in the new iPad which I think is not fair.


    I printed the link on transfer option you referred to. Unfortunately it is rather a description of the option, not a self-explanatory "how-to-do" instruction of the transfer process and, consequently does not help me at all in restoring the original licence (a part of multiple licence).  


    I hope you will be able guide me as to how my licence, currently is lost somewhere in the cyber space, can be restored in my new iPad..











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