linux client planned?



is a linux client planned?


i'm using ubuntu and currently use which gives me an easy to use, non-leaking, always-on and open source vpn client.

unfortunately they don't support ipv6 just yet. this leaves me w/o vpn at places with DS-lite/ipv4 over NAT.


just the raw openvpn configuration files would be nice too.

and please consider open sourcing your clients, that would be a good move.


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  • TheoGTheoG Posts: 5

    @Ben wrote:

    There is currently no plan to develop a linux client for Freedome.

    I however forwarded your request to the persons in charge.

    Why would F-Secure Not have plans for a freedome linux client but has one for windows, a far less secure environment?

  • alan1alan1 Posts: 3
    you have an interesting logic...

    if you feel windows is a "far less secure environment", wouldnt it (with a logical mindset) make even more sense for F-Secure to create a windows client to improve it?
  • TheoGTheoG Posts: 5

    I certainly do.


    And, no. No I don't. For the simple fact that it would make more sense to gravitate everyone onto Linux, champ.

  • PootisPootis Posts: 4

    Still no plans for Linux Client?

  • HailanHailan Posts: 61

    Hi Pootis,


    No change on that front, we still have no plans to release a Linux client for the moment, this may or may not change in the future.





  • I wouldn't have much trust in a VPN service that requires installation of a dedicated proprietary client (spy ?). Most GNU/Linux systems handle VPN connexions out-of-the-box. So there is indeed no point in developping such a thing, but rather giving out connexion parameters.

  • I'd also really love linux client.


    Now I have to use something else for now.

  • sfofsfof Posts: 3



    @ F-Secure: please develop the Linux client for FreedomeVPN, i dont buy multi license when i cannot use it for my desktop computer!


    thanks in advance!

  • I had the same situ and disappointment. Keep in mind, F-Secure andLinux both come from the same place - Helsinki, Finland. This makes me think that maybe mr Torvalds has opened his nasty mouth in a correct moment for the right perseon...

  • I would vote for +1 to the linux client. It's really needed and you F-Secure cannot really be only thinking of those who use Windows.

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Thank you for all your feedback. It is forwarded to the product team. 

    There is however currently still no plan for a Linux version.

  • I would be interested in a GNU/Linux client as well.

  • works for me. :)

  • I'm an happy user of Fsecure VPN  using it on iPhone and Windows, but why isn't it availbale on Linux ???

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert



    There is still no plan for a Linux version. But I'll forward your feedback so this may be considered again in the future.

  • simosayssimosays Posts: 1

    +1 for Linux client, and by the way also ARM binaries would be nice because of just launched commercial Ubuntu tablet Smiley Wink



  • LeLe Posts: 1

    I am adding my voice for a linux. Got little upset when i realized there is not Linux version of this.
    Hope you would change mind and develop that for linux too!

  • I am adding my voice, too!!!!


    I believe that Linux is the future. Many people don't like Windows 10.

  • iskalliskall Posts: 1

    I agree, I also want linux support... If not i will change vpn provider when my subscription ends.

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