linux client planned?



is a linux client planned?


i'm using ubuntu and currently use which gives me an easy to use, non-leaking, always-on and open source vpn client.

unfortunately they don't support ipv6 just yet. this leaves me w/o vpn at places with DS-lite/ipv4 over NAT.


just the raw openvpn configuration files would be nice too.

and please consider open sourcing your clients, that would be a good move.


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  • BenBen Posts: 2,640
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    There is currently no plan to develop a linux client for Freedome.

    I however forwarded your request to the persons in charge.



  • TheoGTheoG Posts: 5

    @Ben wrote:

    There is currently no plan to develop a linux client for Freedome.

    I however forwarded your request to the persons in charge.

    Why would F-Secure Not have plans for a freedome linux client but has one for windows, a far less secure environment?

  • alan1alan1 Posts: 3
    you have an interesting logic...

    if you feel windows is a "far less secure environment", wouldnt it (with a logical mindset) make even more sense for F-Secure to create a windows client to improve it?
  • TheoGTheoG Posts: 5

    I certainly do.


    And, no. No I don't. For the simple fact that it would make more sense to gravitate everyone onto Linux, champ.

  • Rambo123Rambo123 Posts: 11

    So, any new info about Freedome to Linux?


    EDIT: Apparently even Kindle Fire has Freedome now....?


    Before I was directed to this thread, I had started my own:


    "I'm aware that client for Mac is coming in 2015. But how about Linux? Linux userbase is arguably growing all the time and will continue growing thanks to Valves SteamOS, Edward Snowden and so on.. Even Mikko Hypponen talks about how open source could be the solution (for gaining our privacy back) and the way to go, so I find it a bit amusing that F-Secure develops Freedome only for proprietary operating systems. I'm a very happy Freedome user, but soon will be very sad to let it go since moving fully to Linux. Please F-Secure, make me happy again!"

  • Rambo123Rambo123 Posts: 11

    Still no love for linux? Smiley Sad

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 4

    I add my vote for Linux.


    Anyone who is half serious about privacy is certain to be using (or contemplate using) Linux over Windows.


    I'd argue that your market share percentage of Linux users is far more than the share you're getting from Windows users. 


    As OP said, there's an open source client aready, bitmask.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Focus development on that client instead of creating your own. After all, you're generating revenue from the servers bandwith, not the client. And no one is going to take that client for themselves anytime soon.


    Please re-evaluate the option. The post-Snowden mindset has penetrated many homes by now.


    It's a win-win situation. You already have everything to sell, just need the means to sell. Even users trust is established already.

  • PootisPootis Posts: 4

    Still no plans for Linux Client?

  • HailanHailan Posts: 61

    Hi Pootis,


    No change on that front, we still have no plans to release a Linux client for the moment, this may or may not change in the future.





  • I wouldn't have much trust in a VPN service that requires installation of a dedicated proprietary client (spy ?). Most GNU/Linux systems handle VPN connexions out-of-the-box. So there is indeed no point in developping such a thing, but rather giving out connexion parameters.

  • I was a Windows 10 user until 3 days ago, but never going back!  I am now using Ubuntu 15.04 and did not check on my VPN client before switching!  I'm very disappointd you do not support Linux.  I hope it is in the near future since there are billions of Linux users out there!

  • I'd also really love linux client.


    Now I have to use something else for now.

  • sfofsfof Posts: 3



    @ F-Secure: please develop the Linux client for FreedomeVPN, i dont buy multi license when i cannot use it for my desktop computer!


    thanks in advance!

  • I had the same situ and disappointment. Keep in mind, F-Secure andLinux both come from the same place - Helsinki, Finland. This makes me think that maybe mr Torvalds has opened his nasty mouth in a correct moment for the right perseon...

  • I would vote for +1 to the linux client. It's really needed and you F-Secure cannot really be only thinking of those who use Windows.

  • BenBen Posts: 2,640

    Thank you for all your feedback. It is forwarded to the product team. 

    There is however currently still no plan for a Linux version.

  • I would be interested in a GNU/Linux client as well.

  • Can I join the band asking for a Linux version to be developed?


    I have finally decided to abandon Windows in favour of Linux for daily use, but I can't carry Freedome over.


    I could well use another VPN and I might end up having to do just that, but I trust F-secure enough to want to stick with your products!


  • works for me. :)

  • I'm an happy user of Fsecure VPN  using it on iPhone and Windows, but why isn't it availbale on Linux ???

  • I would also like a Linux version. 

  • BenBen Posts: 2,640



    There is still no plan for a Linux version. But I'll forward your feedback so this may be considered again in the future.

  • I also want that client.

    I switched to kubuntu 4 days ago, because Windows 10 sucks (Performance), and was very disappointed after seeing, Freedome not being available on Linux.

  • I also need a GNU/Linux Client
  • simosayssimosays Posts: 1

    +1 for Linux client, and by the way also ARM binaries would be nice because of just launched commercial Ubuntu tablet Smiley Wink



  • LeLe Posts: 1

    I am adding my voice for a linux. Got little upset when i realized there is not Linux version of this.
    Hope you would change mind and develop that for linux too!

  • I am adding my voice, too!!!!


    I believe that Linux is the future. Many people don't like Windows 10.

  • iplipl Posts: 1

    I was pretty shocked to realize freedome has no linux support. I will have to change my vpn-provider soon because of this Smiley Sad

  • iskalliskall Posts: 1

    I agree, I also want linux support... If not i will change vpn provider when my subscription ends.

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