linux client planned?



  • georgeo
    georgeo Posts: 1
    Just release confs for openvpn as a "pro feature". Trusted neutral VPN services are a good businessmodel for F-secure, even without extra features/bloat.
  • Make it so, F-Secure!
  • I would be for a Linux/Ubuntu Version too.

  • One more vote for Linux, as far as I'm concerned!

  • I need it for Ubuntu =)

  • Only thing missing for me to pay for a Freedom sub - a linux client. Please do, even if not a zillion users, there's also a goodwill value for F-secure in doing so, leading to linux users choosing other products from them, and also, choosing their stuff when on other platforms. As for now, on to the next vpn-provider, I'll look back here in a year and see if anything has changed.

  • I would like to see a Linux client too. And even pay for it...
  • Please, please and please. We, the GNU/Linux community is begging you to make either a client or at least maybe an OpenVPN support as well? Like others had said, Finland is where Linux was born and you should as well champion that part in making privacy stronger again on GNU/Linux. Despite there exist many alternatives but FreedomeVPN should also support GNU/Linux community.
  • I have paid for a year membership about two months ago and I plan on switching to Ubuntu in about a week. It is, therefore, no exaggeration that when I found out that Freedome does not have Linux support, I was shocked and reading this post only made me angry too.


    As several people here already said, why wouldn't you just release the configuration for PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN? I don't really care much about your additional in-app features, I am mainly interested in the VPN itself.


    I have switched from PrivateInternetAccess, which has native support for Linux and also offers sans-client setup, and I am now strongly regretting my decision.

  • t0ma
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    I am not going to add up to every good points already made in this thread.

    It's my second year (and my last one) as a Freedome customer : I definitely won't renew my subscribtion for another year unless, at least, the open vpn connections parameters are released so linux users can connect to the vpn gateways.


    I'll switch to PureVpn where I still have a two years subscription that I bought for half the price of a year at F-Secure.


    The fees are definitely another topic but it's just so you know, you made it bad and on several points



  • Daverrr
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    Hello, I would also like to see a paid subscription offer for Linux as well. I am currently on Linux Mint (mate) 18.1 - 64bit. This is the best operating system I have ever used. I prefer to use this so please create a front end or at least let us know what the requirements/specifications are? I will/can build my own front end for the application. 


  • Timere
    Timere Posts: 5 Observer

    I was waiting for a long time for a linux client - unfortunately F-Secure has no interest...   :-(


    I now use "AirVPN" on my Ubuntu 16.04-system, and I am very satisfied. It is working very good with high degree of privacy, so I can recommend it!


    I am a fan of F-Secure, but I had no other choice!

  • Apoc
    Apoc Posts: 1

    Another vote from here. Using Linux Mint 18.2.

  • Landed here while looking for a Linux client. I will also be moving away from F-Secure due to this shortcoming.

  • sam_he
    sam_he Posts: 8

    Why not?

    Bad business or what?


    I would buy a license at once if it would be possible to buy.

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,444 Former F-Secure Employee



    As mentioned in this article, F-Secure gets requests for Linux support occasionally. Considering the market share and fragmentation of the Linux distributions, it is currently not feasible for us to have a Linux version of F-Secure Freedome.

  • Has anyone here tried just using OpenVPN on Linux to connect to Freedome?
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