Freedom can establish connection after latest update (mac)

Since i did the latest update for Freedom (Mac) Freedome can not establis a working connection. When i open the Freedome app and turns on Freedome on the big button it starts to try to make a connection, but after a while i turns off and no secure connection can be made.


What can i do to solve this?


Thank you!



  • there is the same problem on my system - mac osx 10.11.3
    freedom version 1.3.2910.0.......???
  • it woks now
    my way
    delete "freedom" first in the app folder
    emty the trash
    download the latest "frredome" version
    install new (copie freedom in the app folder)
    it woks !!!
  • Ack27
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    Yes, that made it work again!

    Thank you!!

  • bdesclee
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    It works for me too on my MBAir ! Thanks !

  • Ben
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    We have a new Freedome version available for OSX, v1.3.2915.0 should fix the upgrade problems from the previous release.

  • LarsOH
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    Deleting, downloading and re-installing did solve the connectivity-problem on my OS X 10.11.4 Public Beta 6!



  • Does not work for me. Re-installed updated Freedome on MacBook with latest mac osx several times and it disconnects within a second after launch everytime leaving the error message "data required to run Freedome is missing or corrupted please reinstall the software. Is there a Download for the prior version of Freedome which worked great?  Also, You need to create an uninstall program for F-Secure Freedome to obviate update issues on the Apple MacBook Platform.

  • Ben
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    Hello LarsLander,


    Could you try the following:

    -remove Freedome from /Applications.

    -delete folders "/Library/Application Support/F-Secure/FSFreedome"


    "~/Library/Application Support/F-Secure/FSFreedome"

    -remove "Your F-Secure Freedome Key" from your login keychain (it's in Passwords category if present)-> it was not present for this user
    -reinstall the latest version


    I'll forward your request for a dedicated removal tool for Freedome on OSX.


  • I have sent you an email.
    I have done what you asked, but still won't connect. See attached Screen Shot in email.
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    Hi LarsLander,


    I have highlighted your post to our Support team for further looking into this issue. They will get back to you for further investigation.


    Thank you.

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