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My free subscription is due to expire & when I try to renew it's coming up with a cost of £79.99 rather tan £25 for virgin media customers. Nothing on my subscription has changed - how do I get it for £25?


  • Simon
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    I've no idea, really, but are you logging in via your Virgin Media portal?

    Someone else posted about this, but we may have to wait for a reply from F-Secure.
  • Ben
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    Hello BObby,


    This should now  be fixed. Let us know if you still experience the problem.


    As Simon mentioned here is one the active thread for reference.

  • AlanH
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    I have exactly same problem, cannot renew subscription with Virgin Media customer discount. It keeps showing price as 79.99. I have since tried cancelling my subscription and renewing but it still says I'm an existing customer. HELP. Also can't find any telephone number for support about this issue.

  • I have exactly the same problem. It's ridiculous. I halted my transaction when I realised I was going to be charged £79.99 and contacted Cleverbridge. Cleverbridge keep sending me an invoice for £79.99 and asking for payment. I've explained that I'm a Virgin customer and so should only be paying £25 for renewal. Cleverbridge don't seem to get this and have been referring me to F Secure customer services (which are closed). This has wasted hours of my time. I certainly shan't be recommending either company to anyone.

  • Simon
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    @Ben - can you confirm the situation with this, as it seems people are still having difficulties.
    ODTAA Posts: 1

    I am a Virgin Media customer and missed the renewal date. FSecure says my account has been deleted yet when i try to create one it says I already exist. I log into that one and try to renew.....and I says I have been deleted. Just go round & round in circles. How can I get out of this loop please? 

  • AlanH
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    Exactly what I'm getting, is there no phone number for F-Secure?

  • Ben
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    If you still experience issue with the pricing, please contact our support.


    Chat is a quick and easy way to contact us.

  • This just gets worse:


    "11:26 AM  Connecting...

    11:26 AM  Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    11:47 AM  Technician Console has ended the session."
    My internet cover ends today, how am I supposed tp get this renewed in time and how much more of my time do I have to waste trying to get this sorted?
  • Can anyone help - my problem is similar except I HAVE paid the renewal, downloaded and run the "install".  It says it has updated but when I activate F-secure on the device it shows status as expired.

  • Hello.  The F-Secure dialogue box shows the subscription as expired and I cannot select the Tools tab.  When I check MySafe it confirms my subscription is active till 23/12/2015 but the device statusrow says the licence is "not in use" and  I need to install the client.   Repeating the ownload and install runs real fast and declares it's been updated.....

  • me again.  Your tip led me back to the  dialogue box, clicking on the ? next to the expired status got me to help and miraculously to an Activate button.  It's working now.  Thank you Ben (community manager) - you're a star!

  • Chrissy
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    Hi insecure,
    so glad to hear you got that sorted!

    Best wishes for the new year! :)
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