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F-Secure Internet Security is classing essentially all the configuration files used by the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing project to run climate prediction runs on my Windows 8 PC.

The file < hadcm3s_7.24_windows_intelx86.exe > is used in conjunction with sub-routines with names similar to < hadam3p_pnw_w1gw_2009_1_009087046_1_1.zip > to crunch climate data for climateprediction.net, a climate modelling project based at the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute. using BOINC, which may be more familiar as the platform used by many people online to crunch data for the SETI Project.


In any case, F-Secure is classing this .EXE and its associated .ZIPs as Generic Trojans, which I'm reasonably confident is a false positive. The .EXE has been quarantined, and all the .ZIPs deleted. Is there any way to verify that these are false positives, and then to allow BOINC to get back to crunching climate data?


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    Excellent! I'll be putting this information to use right away.




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