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I have installed f secure for free as I am a virgin media customer, it's meant to last until December. I have recently started getting e mails saying that my subscription is about to end, anyone else getting this, any advice out there? Thanks

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    I'm not sure what emails you are getting exactly, but I know our email setup.


    We're sending "renewal/purchase reminders" only shortly before expiration and to customers who took a trial.

    Virgin Media customers should not get any such emails from us, as your subscriptions are valid for quite a while.


    However, I see 2 possible sources for such emails:

    1. I know Virgin is/has been sending emails to former Virgin Media Security customers, stating the Virgin Media Security is expiring and inviting you to sign up for F-Secure SAFE.

    2. It might be that some of you took any of our trial versions, be it stand alone Internet Security, SAFE or others.

    About #1: Mistaken identity - checking the sender of the email should give clarity.

    About #2: In that case, mails are correct, yet understandably confusing as they refer to a Trial version you may not be using anymore.


    You can also just click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email.


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