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I have installed f secure for free as I am a virgin media customer, it's meant to last until December. I have recently started getting e mails saying that my subscription is about to end, anyone else getting this, any advice out there? Thanks


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    Did you install from the SAFE Portal: ?


    What expire date is shown when you log in to the SAFE Portal?

  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    Hi again,


    I missed the fact that you received emails and not a pop-up messages. Sounds like you have installed the 30-day free trial.

    If you haven't already registered for SAFE via Virgin Media, try from here:

  • Lainey
    Lainey Posts: 2

    hi, my subsciption says that it ends in december and everything seems fine with it, just baffled!

  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    Good! Well, then I guess either the emails were sent by mistake for some reason, or maybe they were SPAM, fake emails tricking you into clicking a link in it.

  • Colin
    Colin Posts: 1

    Hi Lainey


    Yes I too have the same problem. I have had two of these e-mails now and when I log into my account the expiry date says the 19th of November. The problem is that you can't reply to the e-mail. I have tried sorting the problem on the f-secure chat line but got nowhere. Is it possible to contact these people by phone?



  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    Yes, you can find phone numbers and service hours here:



    Keep us posted so others can see the solution or explanation for these emails.

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