Moving threads to different boards

NikKNikK Posts: 935 Rock Star

causes the subscription notifications to stop working.


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,661 Superuser

    Does it?  I hadn't noticed.  Is this since they changed the boards round a bit to accommodate the Key board?  That's not a piano reference, by the way.  Smiley LOL

  • NikKNikK Posts: 935 Rock Star

    Yes, check if you received emails for "Re: virus's imside Aquarius?" earlier this evening. Both you and me had posted in that thread before it was moved.

    When I posted a new message in that thread two hours ago, that is after it was moved, I had a subscription to the thread again. You can verify this under My Settings - Subscriptions & Notifications.

    Key board is a bad name Smiley Wink

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,661 Superuser
    It looks like you're correct, the Aquarius thread is no longer in my list, but even more curiously, this thread isn't either, though I've just received an email notification of your last post! The other thread I posted in this afternoon, was the one about the iMac, and that is in the list, so I'm not really sure what's going on.
  • NikKNikK Posts: 935 Rock Star

    Sounds strange! But at least you got the emails for this thread. So that must be a different kind of problem, a minor one.


    I wonder if this email bug also happens to the thread starters. I guess and hope not, that would be very bad: If someone posts in the wrong board, they won't be notified of any replies after the thread has been moved to the correct board?!

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,661 Superuser

    All the more reason for them to post in the right board!  devil[2].gif  But it's a valid point.  :)

  • ChrissyChrissy Posts: 438
    Hi guys! Sorry for the delay, and thanks for bringing this to our attention. Once we're back to being fully staffed, we'll see if there's some way around this issue.

    I wonder if you've noticed, by the way, if this was also a problem in posts that were moved from the Security board to the Password Management board (when that was created), which had a copy left in the original board?
  • NikKNikK Posts: 935 Rock Star

    Chrissy, with "copied" posts to Password Management board I assume you mean the ones marked as image Moved

    They were not copied since the original posts were deleted and only a post about the thread being moved was left. I guess that action deleted all subscriptions to the thread.

    When the thread was moved I lost my subscription to it, to both the Security and Password Management thread Smiley Sad


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,661 Superuser
    I would imagine this is down to the way this particular forum software works. On most, the subscription would 'follow' a moved thread automatically.
  • ChrissyChrissy Posts: 438
    NikK, actually I had the lexis wrong Smiley Wink

    I meant "leave a placeholder," so it actually doesn't copy, but as you said, leaves a message about the thread's new location. So, I suppose this isn't working, then... I'll have to dig deeper into the settings, as I, too, would have assumed this to occur automatically.
  • testtest Posts: 5

    Dear All,

    after some investigation (which took way too much time, my apologies!) I have an answer: There's currently no way to take the subscription with you after the thread has been moved. That's unfortunate and we'll be looking into this with our supplier in the future.

    Hopefully the "How to post" instructions will help with having more posts appear in the right places.

  • ChrissyChrissy Posts: 438
    ...and in the meantime, I will try to @mention the active participants in the discussions that I move, so that the mention notification will at least be triggered.
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