Why does it keep quarantine my file even after i exclude it from scanning?

I use windows 8.1 and F-secure internet seucrity 2014. Every time i open this file start F-secure quarantine it even after i exclude it from scanning, both real-time and maual, and it´s getting annoying. Can you guys help me with this? Thanks!


  • Simon
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    What information is given about the file? Is F-Secure saying it's a virus?
  • Blackcat
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    Can you let us know what you see in Quarantine?



  • hittp
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    It´s a exe file. F-secure says it has virus but I am sure it´s not. I just want to know how to close quarantine so it doesn´t showing up every time i try open the file.

  • Blackcat
    Blackcat Posts: 511

    To add to what Simon stated;


    Some files cannot be excluded and will always be scanned, such as executable fileshttp://community.f-secure.com/t5/Security-for-PC/How-do-I-exclude-a-file-or/ta-p/15398


    Confirm the file is a false positive and not malware by scanning with;


    1. Malwarebytes;http://www.malwarebytes.org/free/


    2. Scan the file on https://www.virustotal.


    If confirmed as a false positive, you can then  send the file to Sample Analysis System (SAS), where it will be analysed and then the databases will be updated if necessary so it is no longer detected as a fp.



  • hittp
    hittp Posts: 3

    Got it. Thanks for the help.

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