Why does it keep quarantine my file even after i exclude it from scanning?

I use windows 8.1 and F-secure internet seucrity 2014. Every time i open this file start F-secure quarantine it even after i exclude it from scanning, both real-time and maual, and it´s getting annoying. Can you guys help me with this? Thanks!

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  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,582
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    If you think it's a false positive, then perhaps it would be an idea to Submit a Sample to the F-Secure labs for analysis.  I don't see a way to 'ignore' or 'allow' files once in quarantine, and if it's also ignoring your Exclusion rules, assuming you're doing that correctly, then I'm not sure what else to suggest, other than to raise a Suppprt Ticket.  When you create the exclusion, you're doing so in the screen below, which you get to via Computer Security > Settings > Virus and spyware scanning > Exclude files from the scan...  yes?






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