error message 603 e-mail scanning is not functioning due to a severe error

I am regularly getting this message when I boot up my pc and before I have opened Outlook. Has anyone come across this before and if so what does it mean and what should I do?


  • Peter
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    Please clarify as to which F-Secure product, operating system and Outlook version is used here.

    Do also note, the E-mail and Web Protection board is for discussing gateway level web filtering solutions.


    To check the F-Secure version, right-click the F-Icon and select About.

  • jl
    jl Posts: 2

    Hi Peter


    Thanks for getting back to me. I am using Windows XP SPk 3, MS Office Outlook 2007 and F Secure Internet Security 2011 10.51 build 106.


    Kind Regards



  • Peter
    Peter Posts: 68 F-Secure Product Expert


    Thank you for the clarification. Thread moved to the Protection board.

  • 2eemeli
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    What are doing on your computer when getting the error message?


    Do you have a reliable way to reproduce the error?


    One question are you connection on SSL to your mail server, encrypted mail traffic can not be scanned and will cause an error.

  • Jayson
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    Hi jl,

    Please find out which e-mail protocol in used?
    - Open Outlook 2007 > Tools > Options > Account Settings.
    - Email Accounts > Select your account > Change > More Settings > Advanced tab.
    - Look for
    a. Incoming server port number, does it use encrypted connection?
    b. Outgoing server port number, does it use encrypted connection?


    Best Regards,

  • I am also getting this error on bootup, before user even logs into system. Win XP SP3, all updates current; Outlook 2003 SP3. POP3 port 995, SMTP port 465, both with SSL enabled. However, to reitereate:L this error appears before use even logs into Windows, at which point Outlook is not even started!

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