YubiKey support for F-Secure Key?

NikKNikK Posts: 935 Rock Star

I don't know if the purpose with Key is to compete with the major password managers or not.

If it is, I think Key should have support for YubiKey, like LastPass and KeyPass etc have.


YubiKey may be the next big thing in 2-factor authentication, and is an excellent solution combined with a password manager product, a hardware + software authentication. For example Facebook and Google employees are now testing this and if all goes well we'll might soon see them offering YubiKey support to their customers. That would be huge!


Password Managers supporting YubiKey:



Example of YubiKey used with a PM product:




  • JuhaTJuhaT Posts: 55 Former F-Secure Employee

    We are constantly looking into options for increasing convenience over master password in a secure way. Multifactor authentication is one way. YubiKey is an interersting option and we are likely to research the opportunities it can offer.


    Thanks for the pointers and your insight!


  • Definitely please make this a planned feature. Buy some yubikeys and experiment. The NFC keys are great with mobile devices!
  • I want to up vote this feature as well. With yubikey 5 and NFC you can really secure the one source that houses all your passwords. 

  • amxaamxa Posts: 1

    I would like to use a Yubikey for logging in. LastPass and Dashlane are already supporting the Yubikey, so I'm considering switching. When will the Yubikey be supported by F-Secure Key?

  • Echoing others, yubikey and webauthn are becoming near defaults. When will F-secure and its products begin to support? Particularly important and relevant as Yubico is about to release a key product that supports usb-c and lightning (iphone) connections. 

  • Yubikey support please!
    The lack of Yubikey support is the only thing that keeps me from actually using Key.

  • stipustipu Posts: 1

    Please add yubi key support. A Master Password as requested by the F-Secure Key is not something which Id like to be remembered.



  • hogenhogen Posts: 2 New Member

    Why is this not done yet?

    This was suggested 2013 and still nothing more than "we are likely to research the opportunities".

    That makes it look like the Key software is not receiving the development it needs and is probably on the lowest priorities in F-secure.

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