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today i full scanned my system and upon opening scan report i noticed that f-secure cannot scan file " c:/program files(x86)/f-secure/apps/computer security/common/policy.ipf "    is it normal? because scan i did before did not showed up with this file error and also windows security center showed me to update f secure. and after that when i opened notification history in f secure. it showed "your comupter is at risk". where as i didnt noticed that message by f secure.


  • NikK
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    I remember seeing some F-Secure files as "Not scanned" but I can't remember the exact files.

    You can easily check again without doing another full scan:

    In Windows Explorer, right click the file and choose "Scan policy.ipf for Viruses". For checking the entire folder, right click the Common folder and choose "Scan Folders for Viruses".

    EDIT: Save/Copy the old full scanning report if you want to keep it, because the right-click scan from explorer will overwrite it.


    As for the security center message, this has happened to me a couple of times within 10 minutes after startup. But it has always been a false-positive message that will disappear by itself when I click the Action Center Flag tray icon.

  • kris
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    Thanks nikk and simon. I rescanned that file and this time also it showed up as "cannot open file" I guess it may be because of some f-secure settings or tweaks. and "your computer at risk" alert didn't showed up further. So I guess it could be a temporary  issue. Thank you for your help. i will redo a full scan in next few days within one week. and observe any unusual behaviour like alerts or anything like that and a report of fullscan and will post here again. thank you.

  • Ville
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    That policy.ipf contains the settings for Computer Security (that you can set through the user interface). It's a text file and does not contain any executable code. It's always locked when Computer Security is running because it's used to read and store settings. It's a bit embarrassing that it shows up in the scan report, since it's our own component.


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  • kris
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    thanks ville, nikk and simon. today i again fullscanned my pc and this time it showed nothing unsusual. no warnings and no error.

  • Chrissy
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    Hi kris!


    Good to hear that things are working okay now, and thanks for updating us on your situation :)

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