Movin licens from one computer to another


I have a 3 computer licens (internet Security 2013) and all of them are used.

I have now bought a new computer and would like to use the licens installed in a old one. I don't need 4 licenses 'cause one of the computers is gonna get thrown away, but I need to move the licens from it to the new one.

The question is how?...



  • This is how it worked for me last time.


    Simply install F-Secure on the new computer with the license number you want to move.

    You will be automatically be connected to the F-Secure license server which will tell you the licesnse is associated with another computer and asks if should it be changed.


    Confirm the change. Job done.

    Be aware the computer where the license used to be is no longer protected by F-Secure

  • marvz
    marvz Posts: 3

    does that mean if im not connected to internet when i uninstall my program, the slot/license wont be released? there was a time that my manual scanning wasnt working and the tech support give me instruction to reinstall it, i do the reinstalling process offline because i dont have my keys that time

  • marvz
    marvz Posts: 3

    got another question, can i check which computer is using the license slot in my subscription, i only install my program in 2 computer but 4 license was used, i reinstall the program on both

  • reference "got another question"


    I am puzzled by what exactly you mean when you state that "4 license was used"


    I can see which license of my licenses is used on each of my computers.

    If the license is validated you can see the key by

    clicking on hidden icons in the task bar, clicking on the F-Secure logo, clicking on the right hand F-Secure logo drop down menu and chosing "view my subscriptions", then click on "show subscription keys" in the window lower right corner.

  • marvz
    marvz Posts: 3

    thanks for the reply sir stresscalcs and sir Ville,, your information was really helpful

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