Anti-Theft Questions?

I created a topic for all my Anti-Theft app questions ;D

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  • JakeJake Posts: 77
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    Do you have any 3rd party software installed? Some apps access the incoming messages and cause the SMS commands to fail.  Note the exact syntax you use to send the command?  (For example: #LOCK#12345678)

    Also, on Symbian to use the remote lock, keep the device lock turned on.



  • A6TechA6Tech Posts: 5

    Is there a possibility to have more than one trusted number?

  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595

    Hi A6Tech,

    No, you can setup only 1 Trusted Number.


    Best Regards,

  • A6TechA6Tech Posts: 5

    Will that be possible in future updates, if not, why not?

  • ChrissyChrissy Posts: 439

    Hi A6!


    Sorry for the delay in response.  As far as I am aware, this is not being planned for future updates.  However, feel free to submit the suggestion at the Idea Exchange board, and it will be forwarded to a Product Manager to consider the idea for possible inclusion in a future product version.


    Did you have any other questions about the F-Secure Anti-Theft app?


    // Chrissy

    F-Secure Community Manager

  • A6TechA6Tech Posts: 5
    Is it really that easy to close anti theft on android, I got my nexus 4 today, set up f secure anti theft, and by going to recent apps I can easily close it making it useless, it doesn't react to command messages anymore.
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    I've purchased 'F-Secure Mobile Security' ... it appears to contain the Anti-Theft feature ...

    - I cannot seem to use the anti-theft feature ... perhaps I'm doing something incorrectly ...

    - For example; I use my friends mobile phone to send a text message to my 'lost' mobile phone number.

    - My message is: #locate#<my security code>
    - My 'lost' phone receives the text message ... that's it ... my friends phone does not receive an automated reply ...

    - It might be worth noting that the text message which the 'lost' phone receives exposes my security code.



    What am I doing wrong?






    * The 'lost phone': Nokia N8

    * Friends phone: Nokia 701


  • A6TechA6Tech Posts: 5

    It could be more things, like not setting up Anti Theft at all, or not setting up a trusted number, or the same problem I have, which is closing anti-theft without a password from recent apps, making it useless...

  • irl-tonyirl-tony Posts: 5




    I'm fairly confident that I have anti-theft setup ... trusted number noted ....... and the App is running.
    I do note that it can be closed without a password/pin which does not seem like a good security feature (but in fairness; probably everyone should use a PIN to access/unlock the entire phone ... consequently a password for the App would be a 2nd request for PIN which would be unnecessary? ....... but I see your position.)





  • irl-tonyirl-tony Posts: 5

    My settings are:


    - Security Level: High

    - Remote Commands: On

    - Trusted Number: +353..................



    Looks good to me ...




  • irl-tonyirl-tony Posts: 5




    Thanking you for your assistance/solution ... the problem was simply syntax related.



    Correct: #locate#your-code



    I was learning from: ... which misled me a little.





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