Anti-Theft Questions?

I created a topic for all my Anti-Theft app questions ;D

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  • A6TechA6Tech Posts: 5

    Is there a possibility to have more than one trusted number?

  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595

    Hi A6Tech,

    No, you can setup only 1 Trusted Number.


    Best Regards,

  • A6TechA6Tech Posts: 5

    Will that be possible in future updates, if not, why not?

  • ChrissyChrissy Posts: 438

    Hi A6!


    Sorry for the delay in response.  As far as I am aware, this is not being planned for future updates.  However, feel free to submit the suggestion at the Idea Exchange board, and it will be forwarded to a Product Manager to consider the idea for possible inclusion in a future product version.


    Did you have any other questions about the F-Secure Anti-Theft app?


    // Chrissy

    F-Secure Community Manager

  • A6TechA6Tech Posts: 5
    Is it really that easy to close anti theft on android, I got my nexus 4 today, set up f secure anti theft, and by going to recent apps I can easily close it making it useless, it doesn't react to command messages anymore.
  • irl-tonyirl-tony Posts: 5




    I've purchased 'F-Secure Mobile Security' ... it appears to contain the Anti-Theft feature ...

    - I cannot seem to use the anti-theft feature ... perhaps I'm doing something incorrectly ...

    - For example; I use my friends mobile phone to send a text message to my 'lost' mobile phone number.

    - My message is: #locate#<my security code>
    - My 'lost' phone receives the text message ... that's it ... my friends phone does not receive an automated reply ...

    - It might be worth noting that the text message which the 'lost' phone receives exposes my security code.



    What am I doing wrong?






    * The 'lost phone': Nokia N8

    * Friends phone: Nokia 701


  • A6TechA6Tech Posts: 5

    It could be more things, like not setting up Anti Theft at all, or not setting up a trusted number, or the same problem I have, which is closing anti-theft without a password from recent apps, making it useless...

  • irl-tonyirl-tony Posts: 5




    I'm fairly confident that I have anti-theft setup ... trusted number noted ....... and the App is running.
    I do note that it can be closed without a password/pin which does not seem like a good security feature (but in fairness; probably everyone should use a PIN to access/unlock the entire phone ... consequently a password for the App would be a 2nd request for PIN which would be unnecessary? ....... but I see your position.)





  • irl-tonyirl-tony Posts: 5

    My settings are:


    - Security Level: High

    - Remote Commands: On

    - Trusted Number: +353..................



    Looks good to me ...




  • irl-tonyirl-tony Posts: 5




    Thanking you for your assistance/solution ... the problem was simply syntax related.



    Correct: #locate#your-code



    I was learning from: ... which misled me a little.





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