My Portal F-Secure End Of Life Announcement

(1) What will be affected?

(2) Will there be anything to take it's place?


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  • StephanStephan Posts: 351
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    The closure of the My F-Secure Portal has little to no effect on most users.


    The most visible effect for most users will be that the button "My F-Secure" will disappear from the navigation.

    You can still logon to the community and use our website and services as you did before.


    However, some customers have (a bit older) purchases visible in My F-Secure.

    And those are the users that should take action and archive their license keys (if not expired) and purchase receipts.


    Go to

    Click on My F-Secure



    Two tabs are visible:
    My Status

     - contains your subscriptions/license keys. Shows also expired licenses connected to this account

    My Account

     - Shows your contact information

     - Shows your purchase history incl. receipts


    You can easily archive the receipts by opening them (click "show details" next to a purchase) and then press the "Print this receipt" button below.


    You can either print to a file or use your physical printer, if you have one.


    If your purchases are not visible here, you are not affected. Your purchase was done in a different system.


    The closure of the My F-Secure Portal has absolutely no effect on any of our products or any of your subscriptions.


    Best regards,




  • tedsloantedsloan Posts: 2

    I have been trialling the Anti Virus software for a few weeks and was about to make a purchase. Does this mean that this software will no longer be available or updates available every day? Has it all come to an end or am I not understanding the recent email !

  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    can you write here what is written in that email?

    From what I understood of Paola's writtings, that message meant no "My F-Secure" portal only, and I don't think F-Secure will cease its existance at all...
  • PaolaPaola Posts: 10



    The following is the text from the email I received:


    Dear F-Secure Customer,

    You are receiving this email because you are a registered user of the My F-Secure Portal.

    We would like to inform you that the My F-Secure Portal will be discontinued on the 30th of May 2013. After this date you will not be able to access the portal or any information stored in it.

    Please log into the My F-Secure Portal at and archive any information that is relevant to you, such as invoices or subscription keys. Please note that, after the closure of the My F-Secure Portal, F-Secure will not be able to provide this information to you.

    The closure of the My F-Secure Portal has no effect on valid subscriptions or access to the F-Secure Community.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at :


    Best regards,

    Your F-Secure Team


  • tedsloantedsloan Posts: 2

    Thank you Stephan for that clarification.

  • SamirSamir Posts: 4

    Thanks for the response Stephan. I just got this e-mail today and I was wondering what it means. But why did F-Secure decide to close it? And will it be replaced by something else?


    I personally like the idea of having some place online at the developers website where I can securely store and review my product purchases and especially where I can find my serial numbers or license keyes. Acronis has something like this on their website and I love it.

  • SamirSamir Posts: 4

    It's May 31st and it's still online. Hopefully discontinued though. Bye bye My F-Secure!

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