New to F-Secure


 Just downloaded F-Secure AV trial; the install removed MBAM as "conflicting software"


Question: most of AVs (if not all) will have an icon in the taskbar (right lower corner) through whic you can open the setings for your AV; f-Secure icon will just send me to F-Secure website; Is there any way to have an icon in the taskbar which will open F-Secure setings?


And why do I need several places on which, if I click i go straight to f -secure website ( taskbar icon, that dubleicon and "?")





  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595

    Hi Claudiu,

    We have replaced the F-Secure Taskbar icon since 2012 version. You just need to apply a single left click on the icon to open the Launch pad.


    Kindly refer our KB article for What is Launch pad?

    Hope this helps.


    Best Regards,

  • I have just installed F-Secure for the first time and for this reason alone I will not be purchasing a license.


    Uninstalling it right away, this has got to be one of the worst interfaces I have seen

  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595

    Hi berryracer,

    Thank you for provide us with your valuable feedback. We have had mix feedbacks on the new GUI (Launchpad); Some like it, some doesn't.


    The F-Secure Launchpad is part of the implementation in F-Secure Service Enabler Applications For Windows which works for better performance and end-user experience.


    Best Regards,

  • clacla Posts: 5

    Hi Jayson,


    This is un unfortunate design, in my opinion; if I run a fullscreen application, I have to close it (1 click) , open F-Secure from screen shortcut (2-nd click) and click on Launchpad /Antivirus (3-rd click); with any other antivirus is enough 1 click on tray icon.


    And again, why you have so many places to access F-secure website /buy?  one place in on tray icon, another is on launchpad, the third one is on GUI ,"?" (which is supposed to be "Help")???

    Rest assured that if a customer is satisfied ,he/she can find the way back to F-secure website.


    For the time being I will search for something else,with a conventional GUI.


    Thanks for your assistance!



  • Just purchased a Kaspersky AntiVirus license due to this. F-Secure lost 1 customer because of their GUI! so sad

  • RusliRusli Posts: 1,001 Adventurer

    F-Secure is one of the easiest to use according to av-test and av-comparatives.

  • clacla Posts: 5

    Hi Rusli,


    F-Secure got 5.5 from 6 in AV Test for "Usability" which has nothing to do with being  "one of the easiest to use"Smiley Frustrated





    I agree with you,though,that F-Secure has a very simple interface and is easy to navigate.


    The issue here is that F-Secure has an  awkward way to open the interface. no more, no less.




  • This kind of way to open interface was my idea back then, for ~2011 version. Or at least I gave feedback to make that
  • cla

    why you should close an application to use taskbar? Or, maybe you just don't know how to use taskbar, do you?

    Usability has much more to do with "one of the easiest to use", usability means easiness of use
  • clacla Posts: 5

    see the link provided for factors taken into account for "Usability"

  • HexoHexo Posts: 240

    A Gui of a Securitysolutions is in my opinion not a reason to select a product!


    Normaly i will install a Security Software and i hope i will never see the GUI again Smiley Happy

    Yes the launchpad is not the best solution but i don´t care if i need to klick 2 or 3 times to get to the Userinterface.


    The main reason for a Securitysolution for me is:
    Not heavy on my machine and good protecion!

    I trieded a lot of solutions but FOR ME F-Secure is the best.

    No slowdown and a good protection!

    I use it on the machines and i have never had any malware!


    So i have to say: Thanks for the protection F-Secure!

  • clacla Posts: 5

    Hi Hexo,


    I do agree with you that F-Secure is a very good product.


    However, according to AV Comparatives there are 10 products with a detection rate between 99% and 99.8%.

    Now a normal/regular consumer will choose a product with a familiar look, which will make the user comfortable to use, not one with a weird interface.


    Still not clear why F-Secure needs an icon in the task bar /bottom right corner which will send me instantly to F-secure website to buy something else , and how this is beneficial versus having an icon which will open F-Secure interface.


    Well, enough talk about this issue, let's move forward.





  • actually, 

    "which will send me instantly to F-secure website"


    there are 2 or 3 aplets to select, and if you select "F-Secure" then it leads to website.


    And, I guess it should display link to website not just "F-Secure" text...

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