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Given the news from Microsoft that they were able to shutdown some of the evil domain, I wanted to ask what is F-Secure's policy with respect to this domain.  Perhaps F-Secure is already doing it, but why not block traffic from this domain entirely?  It appears that has no valid function, unless you are a Chinese spammer/hacker, so why not just shield users from it?

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  • Timo
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    Unfortunately blocking the domain entirely is not possible since it does have some legitimate content too. More information here and here

  • ElseH
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    Hi baroque-guest, I change the status of your new idea. I don't have any other option than choose the Discarded. As Timo explains... it is a "No can do" at the moment. Thank you for your input. This was a tricky issue. Sorry for the delay. Have a nice day. ElseH F-Secure Community Manager
  • Given the significance of the intrusions, its a pity that this was "discarded" so quickly.  I for one would pay a premium to be able to selectively exclude IP addresses  that F-secure may deem as "legitimate", but that I do not. This is a problem that I don't feel will go away, and thus F-secure should make a further attempt to provide its customers with an altenative to "no can do".

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