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After having to turn off F-Secure to install a game from Origin (EA) as it kept saying one of the files was a "Generic Trojan" and kept trashing the download, I got it installed, once i turned on the AV again, it said the launcher (TSLoader.exe) was a virus and deleted it...Can't recover the file from quarantine and can't exclude it.


This is part of a game series (Command and Conquer), It has now flagged another game in the series as a virus/trojan and deleted it's loader.......


Can someone please let me know how I can get F-Secure to ignore a given file (even an Exe file) without having to send a copy to support so they can check it (and take even more time...) so they can update the virus definition to say it's not a trojan/virus.


Surely a game provided by a company like EA (it's an original game as well, I don't do copies) wont have a virus/trojan in it, getting sick of trying to make F-Secure work the way it should, i.e. by giving the user some control over what to do when it suspects a virus/trojan, where is the option to ignore or keep the file?


if I can't get this fixed, it leaves me with 2 options, keep the AV running and throw away the games i've bought or remove the AV so I can play the games and waste money on another AV (I've got 2 years of license left on this version)


I'm running Internet Security 2012 on a windows 7 machine..and have gone through all the available options in F-Secure


  • If I can get the AV to stop deleting the file, i would be able to upload a copy, but in the meantime, is there a way to tell the program to ignore a file?

  • AndyT
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    Hi Magus2000,


    This is the steps to exclude it from scan for temporary workaround.


     On real time scanning.
    1. Open F-Secure > Computer Security > Settings > Computer > Virus and spyware scanning.
    2. Click 'Open excluded items list' on the right panel.
    3. Select Objects tab, tick on 'Exclude objects (files, folders,...)' and click on the Add button below.
    4. Locate your software path and select on the executable file and click OK.
    5. Click OK again to close the settings and try to launch the software again.
    On manual scanning.
    Open F-Secure > Computer Security > Settings > Computer > Manual scanning.
  • Thanks, did that to allow the game to install and to allow me to grab a copy of the files to upload...I've put them up to the analysis section, and although my system reported the 3 fiels as trojans, the analysis only says 1 of them is a trojan...either way, they are posted under my username....

  • AndyT
    AndyT Posts: 33

    Hi Magus2000,


    Thank you for the samples that was submitted, our lab engineer will update you for further clarification on the samples was submitted.




  • got reply from lab engineers, thanks...got another problem now, but i'll start a new thread on thsat, this problem is sorted Smiley Tongue

  • AndyT
    AndyT Posts: 33

    Hi Magus2000,


    Thank you for your confirmation, good to know the issue has been resolved. I will proceed to close this topic.

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