F-secure blocking a safe website

Hello everyone,


I have tried everything in my power to resolve this issue but i am experiencing a website which leaves a blank white page. After doing loads of different things i decided to uninstall F-secure Isecurity and installed Bit defender trial, after doing this the website which originally left blank now works.


Can anyone suggest what could be happening here?

It is deffo F-Secure not allowing this site to load, can anyone assist how i can resolve this.


The site is "http://uk.gamespot.com/"


I am using my mums laptop with F-IS 2012 and still cannot access the site just my desktop upstairs with Bitdefender trial which allows the site to load.


I've scanned, defragged, change a few settings, reset the Virgin hub, but the only thing which allowed access is uninstalling F-IS 2012 or going into Safemode networking.



Thanks everyone,


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  • PeterPeter Posts: 186
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    Hi ns2i,


    Feel free to use the SAS system for similar requests. Once you create an account on the system, URL submitting is available for fixing false positives with BP. 




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