F-secure blocking a safe website

Hello everyone,


I have tried everything in my power to resolve this issue but i am experiencing a website which leaves a blank white page. After doing loads of different things i decided to uninstall F-secure Isecurity and installed Bit defender trial, after doing this the website which originally left blank now works.


Can anyone suggest what could be happening here?

It is deffo F-Secure not allowing this site to load, can anyone assist how i can resolve this.


The site is "http://uk.gamespot.com/"


I am using my mums laptop with F-IS 2012 and still cannot access the site just my desktop upstairs with Bitdefender trial which allows the site to load.


I've scanned, defragged, change a few settings, reset the Virgin hub, but the only thing which allowed access is uninstalling F-IS 2012 or going into Safemode networking.



Thanks everyone,


Best regards



  • suntattood
    suntattood Posts: 20

    You might have a list of sites that are blocked, but who would block such site, right? I haven't encountered something like this, but I suggest to reinstall F-Secure again and see if it will change anything. image

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert



    The website was incorrectly rated. The rating has been now corrected.

    We apologize for any inconveniences caused.


    In case of suspicion of improper rating, you can always check a URL or give feedback on the following page:


  • patet
    patet Posts: 57

    That page shows only a "site owner feedback". Maybe you want to re-phrase that?

  • Janiashvili
    Janiashvili Posts: 469
    I agree with patet, it has to be re-phrased
  • ns2i
    ns2i Posts: 2



    I'm the webmaster of this site http://www.cgapac.net wich is incorrectly rate. It's on dangerous site.

    Can you corrected that ?


    In advance thank you!

  • ns2i
    ns2i Posts: 2

    Thank u Peter!

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