Autofill Extension is missing for Chrome

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  • Anamaya
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    I just upgraded my PC from KEY to ID PROTECTION. Now, I used to have the Key Browser extension for Chrome. Now, since during ID installation KEY was uninstalled (or w/e), the browser extension indicates that the software (KEY) is missing. Any idea at which point you will have an equivalent extension ready for ID PROTECTION?

    This app dependent service makes me not want to use the software, and when ID PROTECTION and FREEDOME are my main reasons for paying a premium for the product, I expect to be able to fully utilize them.

  • karlemilnikka
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    I ran into the same issue. After restarting the computer, the old browser plugin (Key) started to work with the new app (ID Protection). Tested on Windows 10 2004 with Chrome 83 and Firefox 77. 

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi @Anamaya

    The Auto-fill extension for chrome can be found here. At the moment, the name of auto-fill extension should be same as F-Secure KEY that continue working with ID protection. We would suggests you to uninstall and re-install the auto-fill extension in Chrome browser and check again.

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