F-Secure Safe and F-Secure Anti-Virus

Can someone tell me what's the deffent between F-Secure Safe and F-Secure Anti-Virus?

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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    First of all, there is an official article about differences:

    And an ability to choose solution per requirements:

    Then, there are my own unofficial feelings:

    Price with differences for certain locations, options, promos and other.

    But price for F-Secure AV is reduced compared to price for F-Secure SAFE. For one year / up-to-three devices.

    Although, it is just nominally. Since F-Secure SAFE with much more abilities and covers more opportunities.


    Thus, F-Secure Anti-Virus is only about one module. "Anti-Virus" itself. And supported platform is Windows only.


    F-Secure SAFE is about two modules. "Anti-Virus" itself, but with some advanced tweaks (perhaps, some improvements to Windows Firewall). Then "Browsing Protection" module (protection against known harmful websites and suspicious pages).

    In addition, there is Parental control functionality (possible to read Online Help: https://help.f-secure.com/product.html#home/safe-windows/latest/en/concept_6ED1A816262247C180C43E3E13143DDA-safe-windows-latest-en).

    Another difference is an ability to control some things via "My F-Secure" portal.

    Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. Where set of features are different.

    As a result, main points:

    - F-Secure AV is only for Windows (Windows 7 and higher).

    - F-Secure SAFE is for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

    Thus, if your subscription is about three (up to three) devices, then with F-Secure AV - only Windows devices (3 Windows devices); with F-Secure SAFE - it may be Windows or Mac or iOS or Android (for example, 1 Windows device, 1 Mac device, 1 Android device).

    - F-Secure AV subscription is purchased and then subscription code need to use. With each try to install or activate installation.

    - F-Secure SAFE subscription is pinned to your F-Secure Account. And, as a result, ability to manage some things via "My F-Secure" portal.

    - Set of features for F-Secure AV and for F-Secure SAFE (for Windows) with small difference.

    F-Secure SAFE, probably, with some tweaks to certain options for Antivirus functionality (although, core is one). And, in addition, F-Secure SAFE with Browsing Protection.


    Sorry for my "unclear" reply. Could you add feedback - what is reason for your ask? Do you want to choose solution for certain device / setting? Or what is important to know about differences between solutions?





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    Thanks for the Reply Ukko


    Your reply is very clear and good for me.


    The reason for ask was. Then I was trying the trail version (safe) it's only install the anti-virus part. So I did not see the deffient between the two


    Thanks for the help and the links  








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    Thanks for your feedback!

    The reason for ask was. Then I was trying the trail version (safe) it's only install the anti-virus part. So I did not see the deffient between the two

    Strange a bit. Did you manage to install SAFE with both modules then?

    Basically, on current day - SAFE with smooth integration for AV / BP parts. So, it is only visible as "settings". Browsing protection is also for "Browser addon". So, if there is an extension (Browsing protection) - then such a module is installed.



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    I was trying anti-virus at 1 computer and Safe on anothter to see if there was any defference.


    But I have now learn that F-secure uses there names for there produkt in a strange way. 


    Then they have a produkt call Safe and one Total. And then I buy the Total produkt the name in my tray icons is called F-Secure-Safe. 


    it's a lillte strage for me to understand.


    Thanks for all the help

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    There are different solutions / packages (subscriptions).


    For example,

    This solution is for "Windows"-platform only. And it is about only AV functionality.

    This solution is for "Windows"-platform only. AV and Browsing Protection modules.

    This solution is multi-platform. Although, "installation" for Windows platform is something like set of features for F-Secure IS (where is Browing Protection module with ability to manage it via My F-Secure Portal).

    This solution is multi-platform. In addition, it is package of next solutions: F-Secure SAFE - F-Secure Freedome VPN - F-Secure KEY and an option to purchase F-Secure SENSE. Package is covered by "one" subscription (not need to purchase F-Secure SAFE and to purchase F-Secure FREEDOME as different subscriptions, for example).

    Comparison between solutions (subscriptions / packages): https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/compare-products


    Then they have a produkt call Safe and one Total. And then I buy the Total produkt the name in my tray icons is called F-Secure-Safe. 

    Thus, when you purchased F-Secure TOTAL - it is package of (subscription for) solutions: F-Secure SAFE + F-Secure Freedome VPN + F-Secure KEY.


    When security solution is installed on Windows device (as example) - then it is practically "F-Secure SAFE". But subscription is for F-Secure TOTAL.

    Although, I think that F-Secure TOTAL solution should be with such wording under user interface. Branded by "TOTAL" word rather than by "SAFE" word. However, tray picture menu, maybe, with F-Secure SAFE item as for "F-Secure website" AND some other places.



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