Google File Stream blocked by F-secure

Starting yesterday Google File Stream is blocked by F-secure. The block happens will starting the application& logging in. How can I fix this?


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  • I've got this too! When logging in the whole pc freezes. The only way to unfreeze it is to send the pc to sleep. After waking up, the explorer process is restarted, interface works again. Drive File Stream is grey and signed out..


    Still figuring out how this is possible!

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    we are aware of this situation affecting some of our customers using Google Drive File Stream and we are currently working with priority to solve this issue. 


    As a workaround you can try disabling Real-Time scanning when attempting to login.


    To disable Real-Time Scanning follow these steps:


    1. Open the F-Secure SAFE user interface

    2. Go to Settings

    3. Turn off the Virus protection switch


    This might allow you to login. You should also be able to turn Real-Time Scanning back on after logging in.


    We will update this post when we have more information regarding this issue.


  • I had to disable deepguard as well before I could login to drive stream again.

  • FS_Ekku
    FS_Ekku Posts: 206 F-Secure Employee

    Hi everyone,


    We are expecting to release a workaround for this issue early next week. This workaround will be distributed through our automatic update channels and will not require user actions.


    We will keep this post updated.

  • @FS_Ekku Good to hear! Thanks for the quick response!

  • FS_Ekku
    FS_Ekku Posts: 206 F-Secure Employee

    Hi everyone,


    We have now released a workaround for this issue as an automatic channel update.  You can check if you have received the update by following the steps below. If you still have issues with Google Drive File Stream after receiving this update, please open a support ticket through our support pages.


    1. Right click the F-Secure icon in the Windows system tray
    2. Click Open common settings 
    3. Go to the updates page
    4. Check if you have the following update listed:  F-Secure Ultralight Core Update 2019-02-18_01


  • @FS_Ekku I Have the same issue,  the Ultralight Core Update 2019-02-18_01 did not fix it. Windows still freezes when Google drive file stream starts.

  • I can confirm that this update resolves the issue with the file stream! Thanks for the quick response!

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