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I have a 3 license subscription and have been using 3 devices up to this point.  I am switching from a Mac to a Windows laptop and need to transfer the license from the Mac to the Windows laptop.  The FAQ and Knowledge Base articles tell me that after entering my subscription code, it should detect that I have maxed my license usage and prompt me for a transfer.  I don't get this prompt.  Instead I get, "This code is not valid for this device".


How can I transfer the license for my third device from Mac to the new Windows laptop?

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  • TifaOngTifaOng Posts: 32

    Hi ThatGuy,


    Can you tell me the steps you've taken to activate Freedome? From the start, where you downloaded the software to the subscription code error message. 


    Have you tried to re-install Freedome on Windows?

  • ThatGuyThatGuy Posts: 3

    I originally started my subscription back in April and have had 3 devices active without any issue up until now - a Windows desktop, an Android phone, and a Mac laptop.


    Yesterday I downloaded Freedome to my new Windows laptop, intending to transfer the license from the Mac laptop to this new Windows laptop.  The license on the Windows desktop and Android phone are still working normally.


    I downloaded the software to my Windows laptop and installed it without any issue.  I did not activate the free trial and went straight to entering a subscription code, which is when I get the error message, "Oops  This code is not valid for this device".


    After reading a few articles from the FAQ, I then uninstalled it on my Mac laptop (by just sending it to Trash) and tried again on the Windows laptop, but got the same message.


    I just now uninstalled it on the Windows laptop and reinstalled it.  I click "Start the free trial", agree to the ToS, and then click "Have a code?".  I enter the code I received back in April and get the same message, "Oops  This code is not valid for this device".



  • TifaOngTifaOng Posts: 32

    Hi ThatGuy,


    Please engage our support here for them to check the validity of the code you have.

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