XFence: system update to 10.13.5 on MacOS fails over and over again

I'm trying to update my Mac with the latest Command Line Tools for Xcode, plus the update to High Sierra 10.13.5. When doing this, I disable Xfence, because otherwise it won't work in my experience. These system updates then all proceed, and at the latest moment it fails. So I disable Xfence, and then it works out, and after a restart Xfence is activated automatically.


Several weeks ago, the update for Command Line Tools could not be installed. I tried this several times. Now I see a new update with a system update to 10.13.5 as well. When I disable Xfence, then start the update, I get an alert that another 6.64 GB is needed on the system disk. I had 5GB free at first, now have freed up to 28GB. Still I get this alert.


How do I get this update working?

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    So in the end I had to do the restart myself, and after that, Xfence was updated. Not the way it's supposed to be, but at least it works now.


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    Replying to myself: My macbook runs without restart for weeks, sometimes months. If I don't have to restart because of updates, I won't. But this problem made me do a restart, disable Xfence, and then the update for the command line tools worked. It needed a restart, and after that I could update to 10.13.5. All is good.




    Now I get an Xfence update from 1.6.6 to 1.8.88, and after disabling Xfence I run the updater, and after a while the update popup disappears and nothing happens... I can do this over and over again. Doesn't seem like how it should be.

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