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bought Freedome since 2 years now and all of a sudden my dns leaks via ipv6! What to do. Why do I need the Freedome when he leaks dns!!!!


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions) and not an official F-Secure Staff.


    But does it possible to add more information(?):

    -- so... does Freedome leaks DNS; or your DNS leaked by IPv6?

    -- does it based on something recent/fresh OR can be still valid next topic (or start be valid as troublepoint):


    -- maybe some other information about device/platform?



  • ...if I test about ipleak.net 2 address are shown.

    Tryed everything, like vpncheck pro...

    The worst is that if I start freedome normaly it says there is a problem with ipv6 connection, so I have to set dns parameters to and restart, then it works, but leaks real dns.

    Windows 7

    Tryed also to disable ipv6 connection in my lan conection, also does not work...

  • http://ipv6leak.com does not leak, only about https://ipleak.net/

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    When Freedome do create 'IPv6'-notifications it can be based on some common meanings (as valid and as 'mistake' notifcation). For example, available such knowledgebase articles:

    Does your experience about something specific... for such workarounds and troubles?


    Also website with two addressess - one your.. and one of Freedome servers? Or? And does it about IPv6 tests?

    For example, that your second URL do note that your connection from IPv4 address (or IPv6)? And with first URL -> which one tests to leak your IP/DNS? 



  • ...done both of these before! 

    Found out now that only the "Schweiz, Zürich - connection" shows my own and the "Scheiz, Zürich - connection". Thats strange, isn`t it?


    DNS Addresses - 2 servers, 29 errors.

    Switzerland - Zurich 
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    Probably strange indeed. But I able to think that both of noted IPs/DNS Addresses can be pinned to Freedome servers (their partners/datacenters). Even you choose Switzerland (as Swiss location) -> they able to use servers (or so) with another location too.

    For example -> Freedome's Oslo, Norway location time to time about 'Sweden" IP/DNS servers.

    Did you mean that it show your own only based on location-name, but not based on certain IPv6 - which your one.


    Anyway - since it only my unofficial feelings:


    Can be an option to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone):


    Or maybe (later) will be attention from F-Secure Team or F-Secure Community Managers. For proper investigation and good advices about this certain situation.




    // also can be an option to try reinstallation F-Secure Freedome. If your license-subscription code is known for you (and it will be not a troublestuck with reactivation Freedome). With steps like:

    --> Uninstall Freedome by common steps for your OS.

    --> then to use F-Secure Uninstallation Tool:


    --> Then do clean install for latest available official F-Secure Freedome build;


    I able to think that Freedome installation should provide some DNS Leak protection tweaks by default. And troubles with IPv6 should be fixed with less impact for security/protection status.

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    You could clean browser's history, memory and cookies now and then.

    Ukko gave for you good advice,
    but there has been such cases, that above mentioned gossip person's own IP-address.


  • ...thx guys, but all did not help till now. Stay now in touch with Sethuraman via Mail and sent him screenshot.


    Thx for your help.

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    Hi ElGuappo,


    Thanks for bringing this to us. I have also highlighted about your post to our team for investigating it further.


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