No connection after waking from idle (iPhone 7)


I permanently have the problem that if I turn on my iPhone after being idle and use an application which tries to connect to the internet, there is no connection at all....

The VPN sign doens't show up on the display but there obviously IS an LTE internet connection.

If I start Freedome App then, the circle keeps turning and turning ..

Only if I deactivate and activate cellular data, this helps. But sometimes only after a few tries.

This is more than annoying and I don't want to use the option "keep vpn if device is idle" cause this drains my battery like mad.





  • Laksh
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    Hi Bob1234,


    This article explains what happens with Freedome when there is no network activity on your iPhone. As seen in the article, it recommends to use the setting 'Keep VPN on when device is idle'.

  • Hi,

    thanks very much for your answer.


    The problem doesn't rely to messaging apps. It affects every connection attempt to the internet, after the iPhone is waking from idle.


    Therefore the connection attempt is NOT coming from the network to the device, as in your article, but from the device to the network.


    E.g. when I unlock my phone after being idle and start any app who uses internet access, then the VPN sign doesn't show up and I got no connection. When I start freedome app then, the circle keeps on turning and won't connect.


    Only if I go in flight mode then and afterwards switch mobile connection ON again, this helps. But sometimes only after a few tries.



  • Hi, can I please get an answer from your support? Thanks
  • Hi, this actually seems to help ! Thank you so much.
  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Thank you for the update, Bob1234! Glad to know it helped.

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