Freedom not working in Egypt

Could you confirm that Freedom is not working anymore inside Egypt? I tried a lot with almost all the servers (Milan, Espoo, Prague, ... etc) but it seem like Freedom couldn't make a connection. Maybe the Egyptian government blocked Freedom's servers.


  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,426

    Hi ahm3d,


    Just to get more information on this: Do you see the connection issue with all the devices?

    Have you tried a different network to see if the issue persists?


  • ahm3dahm3d Posts: 5

    Yes, I tried.. the problem is still exist. Freedom cannot connect to the server.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,426

    Hi ahm3d,


    Egyptian government blocks actively VPN products; they also have a long history with blocking access to, for example news sites not approved by the government. Unfortunately, our possibilities to affect this are limited.

  • Same problem, I just downloaded the service but can not use it Smiley Sad Too bad ....  

  • @Stina52

    Are you Stina in Egypt too?
    Or some where else?
    In what country?

  • Yes that is why I comment on this
  • @Stina52

    I'm really sorry.
    Are going to stay there for a long time?
    Or is it only temporary?
    I don't know anything about Egypt.
    How careful has to be out there?
    I hope, that you find other ways to sure your privacy ja security.

    Good luck!
  • ahm3dahm3d Posts: 5

    @Näsäviisas & @Laksh

    I think the problem in Egypt is that the DPI (i.e. Deep packet inspection) drops the packets during the handshake so Freedome cannot establish the connection successfully.. so, my question is: 

    Is there any way to obfuscate the connection during the handshake? (i.e. Handshake Obfuscation)

    It seems to me that Freedome doesn't have much custom settings (e.g. to configure it to connect through another VPN to bypass the DPI).

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