fshoster64.exe eating a lot of CPU


Hi everybody, so thats the problem.  fshoster64.exe eating a lot of CPU. No shedule or usual cheking. Please help.


  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,637 Superuser



    Only with this information -> maybe good to create fsdiag and then to transfer it/contact F-Secure Support (by direct channels: chat/phone);


    As my own unofficial suggestions: maybe good to understand when such "usage" comes and does it "stable" for hours (?!); If there is no 'active scans' and installing updates (as you noted) -> maybe real-time protection detect some activities and this is trigger such situation.


    But possible to get different situations and reasons. Most likely -> F-Secure Support should provide certified help and investigation based on diag-information; Or maybe you're able to add some more information/points about situation;



  • zerotolerance
    zerotolerance Posts: 2 New Member

    Thanks for answer. I will try to keep an eye on that process, and if will not find the answer I will create fsdiag.

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