Banking protection keeps popping up unexpectedly




I've been lately (maybe already some months now) been experiencing with the following problem:

1. I log in to my bank and Banking Protection is enabled as expected.

2. I log out from my bank and I end the Banking Protection

3. I continue working normally

4. After a while, banking protection is automatically enabled even though I did nothing that I would expect to trigger the Banking Protection to be enabled.


Is there a log somewhere which I could investigate on what triggered the Banking Protection to be enabled?


F-Secure SAFE 17.0 on 64-bit Windows 8.1 

Common Component Framework 2.93 build 171

CCF CUIF 10.11 build 268
CCF DAAS2 1.10 build 705
CCF Guts2 2.10 build 163
CCF Upstream 2.03 build 177
CCF Diagnostics 9.05 build 415
CCF Network 1.04 build 266


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their Home solutions);


    Probably... possible to find certain log with Banking Protection trigger's information, but I able to think that more good to contact direct F-Secure Support channels (chat/phone) for certified help and proper advices:

    Good to create fsdiag (and transfer it to Support);

    As my own potential suggestions:


    --> Good to know about "browser" and "Browsing Protection extension" (enabled/disabled)?

    Previously was troubles with Firefox and 'fresh tabs' (where can be listed 'previous opened' Banking websites; Firefox did connection to this 'tabs/shortcuts' /maybe for re-fresh picture-screenshot/ and Banking Protection session started. But this is only my own opinion; Some releases before it was noted as fixed trouble);


    --> If your experience about 'just' random time of this.. maybe trouble with 'active' process (?!) for previous opened tabs. Previously... Banking Protection was ON until 'process' closed/ended; But this is also was fixed (?!);


    --> Also maybe some of websites contain links to banking/payment websites and if 'F-Secure extension' is disabled (or with some situations -> enabled) - possible that this will trigger Banking Protection session;

    So -> if Banking Protection sessions started with opening certain website (good to re-check this website about background's resources as potential trigger);



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    Hi masipila,


    After you close the banking session, do you still see the banner?


    Does the Banking Protection banner pop up only for a specific website which you browse or does it pop up for any website (after you close the Banking Protection banner)?


    I also found a KB article here which mentions what happens when Banking Protection does not turn off automatically on Bank logout. Do you happen to see this scenario?

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